Fab Feb for 48 – 11th February

Lazy Day Foods’ Millionaire’s Shortbread

millionaire's shortbread trioAnother new taste for us Hornetts; this treat is free from:website picture

  • Gluten
  • Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Hydrogenated fats

So it’s suitable for vegans and coeliacs. It’s normally £3.25 for a 150g box which holds 5 pieces but for today and tomorrow, you can buy a pack for just £2.92 with our 10% off offer. It’s already a really popular item in the shop and sells really well to those with allergies and those without – it really tastes good and you definitely wouldn’t know it had different ingredients. The shortbread is really crumbly and I was a little disappointed to get to the end of the bit I had!

The website says:

“Millionaires Shortbread has a delicious shortbread base spread with a thick, smooth layer of golden caramel. Topping the product off (is) a crisp layer of Belgian dark chocolate.”

millionaire's sbread displayThe products are baked in a dedicated gluten free bakery. They have no gluten, wheat, dairy or eggs on site and no nuts are used on the premises either.

Lazy Day logoWe have a couple of other flavours not included in the offer which are equally delicious: Belgian dark chocolate tiffin and Chocolate Orange slices.  The Millionaire’s Shortbread is on offer for Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th February.

We also have a couple of other items in the shop from this range aswell – Belgian Dark Chocolate Tiffin and Chocolate Orange Slice. Why not try them aswell?

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