Fab Feb for 48 – 12th February

Directions Hair colour

directions display cardNot at all food, obviously, but I love it! Anyone coming into the shop will see me ‘modelling’ the Dark Tulip colour darktulip– normally £3.45 a pot but for two days only, you can purchase a pot for just £3.10 with the 10% off. This is a range of super bright hair colours that aren’t tested on animals and are suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans as it doesn’t have any nasty hidden animal-based ingredients. They work best on bleached or blonde hair but that doesn’t mean those with dark hair can’t use them – you’ll just have a ‘hint’ of the colour.

perfil-img-erckc-138x138There’s a swatch chart in the shop so you can see what the colours really look like before you buy. I stock Blues and Purples, Greens, Pinks and Reds, Daffodil Yellow, Silver and White so you can become some sort of amazing rainbow-headed person after visiting me! Wow!!!

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