Fab Feb for 48 – 13th February

Booja Booja chocolates

Booja Booja displayYes – we’re going for Booja Booja chocolates again! As it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I thought I would… The smaller box is ideal for those on a budget (or just forgotten!) or for those who have a secret love and want to be subtle in declaring their admiration? Whatever your reason for not having treated your loved one yet, buying them a box of Booja Booja truffles will make sure you’re forgiven/admired on Saturday! ginger-2280-x720-retina1

When we were deciding what to sell in the shop, Booja Booja chocolates were definitely near the top of the list. It’s hard to imagine where to start with how good they are: tasty, luxurious, dairy- and gluten-free, organic and good looking and now they have 10% off – just in time for Valentine’s day! The Fine de Champagne Truffles are usually £12.95 for a 138g box (12 chocolates), which makes them £11.66 a box for a couple of days. We also have 3 flavours from the Four Corners collection: Hazelnut, Stem Ginger and Banoffee Toffee; these are £6.99 for a 104g box (9 truffles), or £6.29 during the two days they’re in Fab Feb.


We also sell Booja Booja ice cream – Feisty Rollercoaster Ginger, Hunky Punky Chocolate and Keep Smiling Vanilla M’Gorilla. These are £5.99 for 500ml (not included in the 10% off offer).

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