Fab Feb for 48 – 17th February

Clipper Tea Tents

Clipper tea tents display

These teas not only taste good but the packaging is pretty too! They are so pretty, when we first put everything on the shelves before we opened, I honestly put them in a place where I could look at them all day. It’s a fantastic coincidence that they’re really lovely tasting too! And it gets better! For 17th and 18th February, you can enjoy them with 10% off! This means that a box of 10 tea tents is only £2.69 (full price £2.99). Hornett Wholefoods has the following flavours:

  • Green Tea
  • Green Tea with Lemon
  • Green Tea with Mint
  • Green Tea with Strawberry
  • Organic Blueberry and Elderberry
  • Organic Apple and Rhubarb

Green tea tentsFruit tents

Clipper Teas is a British company and was started in 1984 by Mike and Lorraine Brehme. Because of Mike and Lorraine’s guiding principles, Clipper became involved with the Fairtrade Foundation in its earliest stages and policy development. They launched their very first Fairtrade tea in 1994 and in 2015, they are still the UK’s No 1 Fairtrade Tea Company. Theirs was the first Green Tea brand available in UK supermarkets and they continue to work with tea and coffee producers to ensure that as much of their product is Fairtrade as possible.

Clipper tea tents display 2The Green Tea really is a good cuppa. There’s no bitterness, even at the end of the mug – I leave the tent in the cup while drinking it so the flavour gets stronger. It’s a lovely, subtle flavour that isn’t at all overpowering like some cheaper brands.

From the Clipper website:

“Our tea tents are busting with Clipper loose-leaf tea and blended with fruit & herbs to give you the best of both worlds; the quality and taste of the whole leaf, combined with the convenience of a teabag.

“Our magic tea tents give the loose-leaf tea and real bits of fruit & herb bags of room to move around the cup ensuring the liveliest flavour.

“Choose from our fragrant and Fairtrade green tea range and our organic fruit & herb range, all as deliciously tempting as the next.

Clipper tea tents“Our Blueberry & Elderberry tea tents offer a fresh and summery taste, bursting with the fruity flavours of ripe blueberries and elderberries. It’s juicy, rich and remarkable fruity.

“Invigorating, deliciously fragrant and fruity, our Apple & Rhubarb infusion is reminiscent of an English Garden. Simply pour hot water, allow to infuse, close your eyes and drift away.

Clipper tea tents 2“For a cup of remarkable elegance and clarity, try our Pure Green Tea. A large leaf, flowery, orange pekoe, green tea that delivers a delicious crisp, fragrant yet mellow flavour.

“Add to this the cooling menthol taste of peppermint, the zesty zing of lemon of the beautifully fruity flavour of strawberry and you have some truly remarkable cups of green tea.”

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