Fab Feb for 48 – 20th February

Suma/Iris Pasta

Suma pasta displayWe stock six of the range from Suma/Iris and for 20th and 21st February, they’re all 10% off. We have:

  •  Wholewheat (£1.15/£1.03) and white (£1.05/95p) spaghetti;
  • Wholewheat and white penne (both £1.09/98p);
  • Tricolore spirals (£1.45/£1.30) and
  • Pasta Bunnies (£1.19/£1.07)

Suma pasta on shelfThe whole range is organic and environmentally responsible. It’s made for Suma by Iris Bio from Padena in Northern Italy. Both companies are cooperatives, wholly owned and run by everyone who works there. The pasta is made the traditional way with a bronze die and dried slowly to ensure optimum quality. The wheat is grown by Iris Bio on their own farm which cuts down on transport time and cost, which helps the environment.

Suma pasta display 2Hornett Wholefoods has a recipe booklet produced by Suma with 12 delicious vegetarian pasta recipes. These are free (although you may want to make a small donation to Animals in Need in lieu of payment?) While you’re at the shop, why not take a look at the lovely vegan and vegetarian pestos – an easy and delicious accompaniment to pasta?

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