Fab Feb for 48 – 24th February

Belvoir Cordials

Belvoir rangeWe’re looking forward to spring at Hornett Wholefoods (I know it could be weeks away, but it’s only weeks!) and we thought we’d encourage that sort of thing by having some lovely Belvoir cordials as part of Fab Feb. We have 6 flavours in stock and on offer on 24th and 25th February:

  • Raspberry and Lemon
  • Lime and Lemongrass
  • Raspberry and Rose
  • Elderflower
  • Rhubarb and Strawberry
  • Spiced Apple and Ginger

Belvoir range displayThey are either £4.19 or £4.49, depending on the flavour and with 10% off, that makes them either £3.77 or £4.04. All flavours come in a 500ml bottle and each bottle will make between 7 and 10 pints – full instructions are on each bottle so you know how strong to make it. I have it on good authority that you won’t get a better flavour “unless you make your own” (Mrs Hornett Wholefoods-in-law, who knows about this sort of thing!).

Belvoir trio LHSAbout Belvoir Cordials –

Belvoir Fruit Farms are based at the Belvoir Castle estate in Lincolnshire, so the bottles don’t travel that far at all! All the drinks are pressed, mixed and bottled at the estate using recipes that were invented when the company started in the 1970s. The flavours are then mixed with local spring water and packed in pasteurised bottles to preserve the flavour and freshness. Sugar is used as a preservative in the cordials instead of other less natural chemicals.

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