Mother’s Day at Hornett Wholefoods

MOthers day graphicIt’s almost the time of year again when we celebrate the most important person in all our lives – our mums! On Sunday 15th March, it’s time to let her know how much we appreciate her efforts and give her a special treat. We have a few offers for you in the lead up to the big day:

Four-corners-banoffeeBooja Booja Chocolates

It’s hard to imagine where to start with how good they are: tasty, luxurious, dairy- and gluten-free, organic and good looking and now they have 10% off – just in time for Mother’s day! The Fine de Champagne Truffles are usually £12.95 for a 138g box (12 chocolates), which makes them £11.66 a box for a couple of weeks. We also have 3 flavours from the Four Corners collection: Hazelnut, Stem Ginger and Banoffee Toffee; these are £6.99 for a 104g box (9 truffles), or £6.29 during the fortnight till Mother’s Day.

Montezuma’s Giant Buttonsmontezuma-dark-button-bag

 We have three flavours of buttons for you to treat Mum to – Milk, Dark (vegan) and White, all £2.79 for a 180g bag. We are taking 10% off, which will make each bag come to £2.51.   The buttons really are giant – each one is about the size of a 10p coin! They are very more-ish but you’ll have to make sure Mum gets the lion’s share of the bag!

bb ice creamBooja Booja Ice Cream

Another vegan choice – lovely, luxurious vegan ice cream alternative with just four ingredients. This is made with water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and the relevant flavour extract. We have Hunky-Punky Chocolate, Vanilla M’Gorilla and Feisty Rollercoaster Ginger, all at £5.99, or £5.39 with 10% off for Mother’s Day. Mum gets first dibs on the tub please!



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