A local shop for local companies!

Northants windowOne of the main things we wanted to do when we started Hornett Wholefoods is support producers in the county of Northamptonshire.  There are many and varied companies out there whose ethics and values mirror those we hold – meat-free, environmentally friendly and interested in good health.

VBites variety fridgeWe started with VBites, over in Corby. They’re a vegan company and produce a wide range of meat- and dairy-free products, such as ‘cheese’, ‘fish’ steaks, fingers and cakes, meat-free pasties and pizzas and seasonal items for a meat and dairy free Christmas.

Granovita tinsGranovita are in Wellingborough so are super local! We buy their organic Soya milk, Worcester Sauce and tinned goods.

ibc-logo-small-2-The Incredible Bakery Company were next on the list of local suppliers. They are based in Warkton, near Kettering and they supply us with fresh bread and cakes that are gluten, dairy, soya and nut free. We get deliveries on a Thursday afternoon from James, Valeria and Alan.

Replete Flatbreads 060315Replete Flatbreads in Wymington, near Rushden were recommended to us by a customer for their gluten-free flatbreads. They make the most delicious baked goods with gluten-free options and vegetarian and vegan fillings. Iain is always on the lookout for additional flavours and delivers to Hornett Wholefoods on a Thursday as well.

TEWCThe Earth Works Cosmetics make natural lotions and potions that not only smell good but are good for the environment and don’t have harsh chemicals in them. Come and smell the divine Coconut and Lime Body Butter! Ally makes all these herself in Rothwell.

Gourmet Spice rubsGourmet Spice Company are based in Weldon. Mark makes infused oils, flavoured salts and rubs, and flavoured sugars. He has a large range of flavours and we stock a small but perfectly formed selection!

Little smokehouse rangeThe Little Smokehouse is probably our smallest producer, but their products are certainly packed with flavour! Keith and Linda smoke salt and pepper, and spicy rubs in a shed in their garden in Wellingborough. They can also smoke cheese and garlic. What started off as a hobby has grown into a successful business!

Vegan pizza lovers can visit The Piazza pizza restaurant on Cambridge Street – Ash can make you a lovely vegan thin crust pizza with ‘cheese’ on top as we supply it to them!

local shopShopping local and supporting local business is really important – Wellingborough has such a wealth of independent shops run by people who live where they work and it’s important to support all of them to defend diversity on the high street. It also better for the environment as they aren’t travelling great distances to get stock to the shop – even my main supplier, although in Yorkshire, makes many stops on the way to me to deliver stock to other small businesses and picks up stock from suppliers as they go round. I can imagine that a couple of these local companies I’ve mentioned will only ever go from strength to strength – one of them now has a nationwide distribution deal and supplies direct to Rainbow Wholefoods in Norwich! However big or small they are, it’s important to Hornett Wholefoods to keep supporting like-minded, local businesses.

shop localIf you have a product you think we should be selling, please email Emma on wholefoods@hornett.org.uk.


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