Local focus – VBites


vbites-logoAs I’ve already said, we at Hornett Wholefoods love to support local businesses, large and small. Today’s blog focuses on perhaps the largest vegan business in the county – VBites in Corby. The company is owned by Heather Mills and has a restaurant in Brighton that friends of ours claim is one of the best places to eat! They also develop exciting vegan food and add new lines all the time (just like us!). Hornett Wholefoods currently stocks:

VBites variety fridgeVBites pasty and pizzaCheezly in Blue, White Cheddar, Edam, Hard Italian and Mozzarella Style

Cheatin’ Rashers

Vegi Deli Pork Style Sausage Rolls, Pasties in Ham and Cheezly, Beef Style and Chicken Style and Mushroom flavours, Lincolnshire Style Sausages and Pizzas in Cheezly and Tomato, Meatless Feast and Ham Style and Pineapple Flavours.

Making Waves Fish Style Steaks (my favourite) and Fishless Fishcakes.

Their factory in Corby is entirely vegan and has a fantastic product development team, releasing new flavours and varieties all the time; see the website to view the whole range.


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