Meat Free Week – 24th March

running latemfw_logo_ukSometimes you’re running late and you just want to put something in the oven quickly while you unpack the food shopping you did on the way home from work. Some people still think being vegetarian still means hours of chopping vegetables or soaking beans! How mad is that?! Convenience food has come a long way in the last few years and vegetarian food is no different. Hornett Wholefoods have a range of frozen, chilled and tinned food that you can cook quickly, for example:

cooked pastyVbites pasties taste great with mashed potato and peas. They’re £3.29 for 2. We also have meat-free pizzas which cook in about 15 minutes from frozen.

Replete Flatbreads (£2.00 each) are great with chips or as part of a curry dish.Replete Flatbreads 060315

Why not have a spicy bean burger in a gluten free burger roll from the Incredible Bakery Company with some oven WP_20150319_13_02_40_Prochips? The rolls are £4.00 for 5 rolls.

A tin of curry or chilli from Free and Easy can be warmed in the microwave and is a really filling and healthy choice. A 400g tin is just £1.89.

VBites pasty and pizzaCome and see what we have and surprise your meat-eating friends with a tasty meal!


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