Eco friendly cleaning products

It’s coming up to spring when everyone wants to give the house a good going over with a duster – open the doors and windows and let the warm spring air blow through! We have added some lovely lines of eco-friendly cleaning products.Washing up glovesWashing up gloves in small and medium sizes – £3.79 a pair. They’re made from Forest Stewardship Council certified latex sourced from a responsibly managed plantation. They come in a box made from recycled cardboard.

Cleaning + spraysSponge Cloths – £3.99 for 5 cloths. These are entirely compostable and can be used many times and washed in the washing machine.

Faith in Nature anti-bacterial spray – £3.66 for 500ml. Made from plant-based materials, vegan and BUAV approved. The bottle can be recycled when it’s empty.

cleaning productsWe have a wide range in the shop of eco-friendly, animal –free cleaning products and washing powders and liquids, including soapnut shells! These are literally nuts that can be used in your washing machine to clean clothes. They are £6.99 for 225g – this pot can do 55 washes so is entirely comparable with conventional powder and liquid. Why not give them a go?


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