The Bridge – Bio Rice Drink + Coconut

Another lovely drink from The Bridge, Rice Milk with Coconut

  • Gluten Free
  • 100% Vegetable
  • with no added sugars
  • no artificial flavors or oils
  • Low Fat
  • Lactose & Cholesterol Free

Bio Rice Drink Natural is organic rice-based drink with coconut puree as substitute for dairy and soya milk, produced with an exclusive, patented process. This drink contains no added sugars: it is naturally sweet. It is dairy free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free. No artificial flavors or added oil

ADVICE for you

It can be used for the preparation of cakes anddesserts, or cold as a drink. Excellent forbreakfast, also with muesli


nature: spring water**, Italian rice* (17%), coconut puree* (2%) sea salt.

Allergens, if present, are indicated in bold!
* = from organic farming.
** = the water we use flows at 450 meters above sea level,

inside the Park of Lessini Mountains (Italy).
>> discover SPRING WATER qualities


You can buy this product in this packaging at Hornett Wholefoods:

1.000 ml Tetrapak Edge
(recyclable, certified FSC carton)


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