Happy EasterIt’s Easter this weekend – let’s hope the weather stays nice! We have two Easter Eggs at Hornett Wholefoods; one dairy-free egg and one with ears. Want more information? Read on…

Easter eggsMoo-Free Egg

This is a dairy-free organic chocolate egg, £3.99 for 100g. It’s made from a blend of cocoa, sugar and rice and vegan and -free; there’s also no GMOs in it.

Divine Shaun the Sheep Egg with ears

This is a milk chocolate egg, £5.00 for a 55g egg. It comes with a headband that has Shaun the Sheep ears hanging off it – that’s fun! It’s Fairtrade chocolate and there are some fun facts on the box about the environment that the chocolate’s produced in. Image result for happy easter

Our opening hours

As you can probably expect, our opening hours are slightly different over the Easter weekend:

  • Good Friday – Closed
  • Saturday – open 9.00 to 5.30 as usual
  • Easter Sunday – Closed as usual
  • Easter Monday – Closed

We’ve been asked a couple of times since we’ve opened why we don’t open on Sundays. It’s nothing to do with us going to church (we don’t) and has everything to do with operating on a fair basis. We feel that shopping has become the nation’s favourite pastime and we don’t want that to keep happening. We don’t sell anything that you can’t wait a day or so for and it’s important for our staff to know that they’ll have at least one day a week where they can spend time with family, catch up on housework or just slob out on the sofa! Our philosophy is, and will continue to be, that we will never open on Sundays or Bank Holidays.


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