Mini Marshmallows in hot chocolate

Just a quick one today – I’ve finally relented and put the mini marshmallows in what was low-calorie hot chocolate.  It’s a bit of a cheek to call it a recipe so I won’t, but I will tell you that the mini marshmallows are half price for the rest of the week…

Mini marshmallows in hot chocI’m now eating an orange in a desperate attempt to cancel out the calories in the marshmallows.  I suspect it won’t work, but here goes…


May Day Holiday!

May Day image MaypoleAs I write this on a drizzly April morning, May Day looks a bit wet still, which is miserable. I was hoping to have a day out with the family, enjoying the fact that the shop will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday, as usual. So it looks more like a day dodging showers while we chicken-proof the veg patch this weekend! We’re very late with the produce this year and won’t be able to grow nearly as much as we normally attempt (attempt is the right word – we grow without pesticides etc and sometimes nature wins, no matter what companion planting you use) so it will probably just be peppers, tomatoes and chillies in the greenhouse and beans in the veg patch. I shall investigate what’s in the seeds box this weekend and come up with a plan. Fingers crossed the weather will improve for the next Bank Holiday at the end of the month!

A simple meal for the Bank Holiday:

“Fish” Fingers and Chips

  •  VBites Fish Style Fingers (£2.99 for 6 fingers)fish fingers
  • Potatoes
  • Oil Spray
  • Salt and Pepper (£3.00 for a grinder)
  • Tinned peas
  1. Put the oven on at 200°C, Gas Mark 6.
  2. Cut the potatoes into chips and parboil until softened.
  3. Spread the parboiled chips on an oven tray, spray them with the oil spray and sprinkle salt and pepper all over, to taste.
  4. Put in the oven and cook for 15 minutes, until starting to go golden.
  5. Turn the chips over and add the fish style fingers. Cook for another 15 minutes, until the chips and fingers are cooked.
  6. Serve with tinned processed peas and bread and butter. Simple and delicious! fish fingers and chips

Additions this week

Xantham GumDove’s Farm Xantham Gum – £3.37 for 100g

I was asked to stock this by a customer – for those uninitiated (including me until a couple of weeks ago!), Xantham Gum is a binder, especially useful when baking with gluten-free flour. Vegan and gluten-free.

Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda – £4.50 for 400g

A customer ordered this as he said he couldn’t get it anywhere. Well now, you can find it at Hornett Wholefoods! Vegan and gluten-free.

polonyFry’s Polony – £3.57 for 500g

A massive slicing sausage, suitable for vegans. It’ll be thoroughly tested in our house this week.

VBites Wot No Dairy Peach & Apricot and Strawberry Desserts – 58p for 125g

A couple of extra flavours to add to the three we already stock. As the name suggests, it’s suitable for vegans.

goji berriesDried Goji Berries – £2.22 for 125g

A customer request – delicious as they are, straight from the pack or added to cereals and cooking for a healthy addition.

clipper tea bagsClipper Organic Decaffeinated Teabags – £2.70 for 40 bags    

An addition to the stock as it was missing so far! Clipper teas really are a lovely, fully rounded cuppa.

echinacea teaHeath & Heather Echinacea Teabags – £1.79 for 20 bags

Another missing flavour of tea – let’s see how it goes.

Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli – £3.00 for 850g

A massive box for a really good price. I’ve added this because I really like it and have it for breakfast most mornings. And for those on Slimming World, 35g of this muesli is a Healthy Extra B choice.

 Panda Licorice bars – 53p for 32g bar

We had a lot of requests for natural licorice recently, so now we also have bars to add to the natural and strawberry flavoured bags. Again, they will be thoroughly tested at Hornett Wholefoods Towers this week.


Product trials

In the interests of science and my general well-being, and because so many customers have extolled the virtues of these products, I’m experimenting with two things – coconut oil and apple cider vinegar with Mother.

WP_20150421_13_59_02_ProCoconut oil

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with fairly good skin but it’s prone to dryness and it’s a struggle to keep up sometimes, especially in the winter. I recently used a fantastic product that worked really quickly to solve a really bad dry patch I had and I thought I’d finally found the perfect thing for my skin. Instead, I discovered I am highly allergic to essential oils and my face, hand and wrists swelled up quite alarmingly! So that was the kaibosh put on that then. The rash and swelling went down eventually (5 days of swelling, itching and, worst of all, no make up!) but the skin on my hands especially has really suffered and nothing seems to be making a difference to how dry and old the skin looks. I know about some of the benefits of coconut oil and customers love to tell me what they use it for so I thought I’d give it a try. Today is day one and I’ve replenished the oil every time I wash my hands so I’ll keep you updated with the results. I smell amazing, if nothing else! One tip I can pass on already – leave the jar in the sun to warm up slightly as this stuff is very hard in its natural state!

Feel free to add what you use coconut oil for in the comments!


WP_20150420_13_39_12_ProApple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with Mother

This is a new product in the shop and I read up about what it can do while I was blogging about new lines yesterday. The ‘Mother’ is essentially enzymes, a natural substance created during the fermentation process of ACV. It appears as a cob-web like formation floating in the vinegar. The ‘mother’ is alive and is made up from bacteria, enzymes and living nutrients. It apparently helps with weight loss by increasing how satisfied or full you are after a meal. It must be diluted (1 tbsp of ACV in a big glass of water) as it’s very acidic and I recommend drinking it quite quickly as it’s quite a strong flavour! Some sites recommend putting honey or other sweeteners in the solution. I did feel fuller almost immediately and, right now, typing about 2 hours after lunch, I feel adequately full. I’d normally want something to eat about now so let’s see how long this lasts.

How do you take ACV and what benefits do you get from it?


New additions to the shop!

More (yes more!) new lines in store now!

WP_20150420_13_36_30_ProNever let it be said that Hornett Wholefoods don’t listen to their customers! All of these new lines have come in after customer requests:

WP_20150420_13_39_12_ProBiona organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother – £2.15 for 500ml

There are many health benefits to using and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar – it can help with weight loss, joint flexibility and general well-being. The “Mother” is the ball of enzymes that sits at the top of the fermenting apple juice as it turns into vinegar. This is normally removed as it is seen to make the vinegar look less appealing but it is where the best of the goodness is. This makes the vinegar look cloudier and more like cider when it is left in. Some believe that the vinegar is more effective if the Mother is left.


Darrell Lea Liquorice – £1.49 for 200g

WP_20150420_13_38_30_ProWe have plain liquorice and strawberry flavours in stock and they are truly scrumptious! Really soft liquorice and very more-ish.

WP_20150420_13_39_48_ProOrganic Golden Linseed – £1.45 for 250g

I was asked the difference between normal and golden linseeds last week – it’s just the colour that’s different! Lovely to add to cereals and bread for a tasty difference, it’s also known as flax. It’s high in Omega 3 oils and fibre and is said to lower cholesterol in women.

Curry Leaves – 95p for 5g

A valuable cooking aid – along with the rest of our pretty extensive range of herbs and spices.


More new lines!

We have a variety of new lines in store from this week – WP_20150413_12_21_48_Pro

Organic Coconut Sugar – 500g for £4.99 WP_20150413_12_22_36_Pro

Organic Sunflower Seeds – 500g for £2.25

Organic Pumpkin Seeds – 500g for £6.45

WP_20150413_12_21_56_ProCauldron Tofu – 396g for £2.60

Violife Pizza flavour – 10 slices for £2.99

Heath & Heather Camomile tea bags – 20 for £2.19

WP_20150413_12_22_07_ProThese are all based on customer requests and suggestions – if there’s anything else you’d like to see Hornett Wholefoods stock, why not ask next time you’re in?

Eco Friendly cleaning!

cleaning productsWell, Easter’s out of the way with all its chocolatey temptation so let’s get the house in order before summer arrives! The weather is perfect for opening all the doors and windows to get some fresh air around the house and here at Hornett Wholefoods, we have some fabulous eco-friendly and animal-friendly cleaning products to help with the spring cleaning. Get the kids involved and make the house spick and span in record time!

If You Care

5 Sponge Cloths – £3.99

Washing up glovesHousehold Gloves – £3.79 a pair, in small and medium sizes

Aluminium Foil – £2.95 for 10m

Baking Paper – £4.05 for 19.8m

 Faith in Nature

Anti-bacterial spray – £3.66 for 500ml

Washing up liquid – £2.49 for 500ml


cleaning and personalKitchen Spray in Clementine – £3.00 for 828ml

Multi-surface spray in French Lavender – £3.00 for 828ml

Washing up liquid in Clementine – £3.00 for 532ml

Toilet cleaner in Spearmint – £3.00 for 709ml


Washing up liquid in Lemon & Aloe Vera and Camomile & Marigold scents – £2.65 for 1l

Toilet Cleaner in Ocean Waves and Pine Fresh scents – £2.09 for 750ml

Dishwasher tablets – £5.79 for 25 tablets

Laundry tabs, powder and liquids available too!


Cleaning + spraysRecycled sponge scourers – £1.25 for 2

Recycled dish brush (refillable) – £1.99 each

Recycled clothes pegs – £1.35 for 25 pegs


Toilet cleaner in plain and cool blue scents – £1.99 for 750ml

Washing up liquid – £1.89 for 1l