Eco Friendly cleaning!

cleaning productsWell, Easter’s out of the way with all its chocolatey temptation so let’s get the house in order before summer arrives! The weather is perfect for opening all the doors and windows to get some fresh air around the house and here at Hornett Wholefoods, we have some fabulous eco-friendly and animal-friendly cleaning products to help with the spring cleaning. Get the kids involved and make the house spick and span in record time!

If You Care

5 Sponge Cloths – £3.99

Washing up glovesHousehold Gloves – £3.79 a pair, in small and medium sizes

Aluminium Foil – £2.95 for 10m

Baking Paper – £4.05 for 19.8m

 Faith in Nature

Anti-bacterial spray – £3.66 for 500ml

Washing up liquid – £2.49 for 500ml


cleaning and personalKitchen Spray in Clementine – £3.00 for 828ml

Multi-surface spray in French Lavender – £3.00 for 828ml

Washing up liquid in Clementine – £3.00 for 532ml

Toilet cleaner in Spearmint – £3.00 for 709ml


Washing up liquid in Lemon & Aloe Vera and Camomile & Marigold scents – £2.65 for 1l

Toilet Cleaner in Ocean Waves and Pine Fresh scents – £2.09 for 750ml

Dishwasher tablets – £5.79 for 25 tablets

Laundry tabs, powder and liquids available too!


Cleaning + spraysRecycled sponge scourers – £1.25 for 2

Recycled dish brush (refillable) – £1.99 each

Recycled clothes pegs – £1.35 for 25 pegs


Toilet cleaner in plain and cool blue scents – £1.99 for 750ml

Washing up liquid – £1.89 for 1l


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