More new lines!

We have a variety of new lines in store from this week – WP_20150413_12_21_48_Pro

Organic Coconut Sugar – 500g for £4.99 WP_20150413_12_22_36_Pro

Organic Sunflower Seeds – 500g for £2.25

Organic Pumpkin Seeds – 500g for £6.45

WP_20150413_12_21_56_ProCauldron Tofu – 396g for £2.60

Violife Pizza flavour – 10 slices for £2.99

Heath & Heather Camomile tea bags – 20 for £2.19

WP_20150413_12_22_07_ProThese are all based on customer requests and suggestions – if there’s anything else you’d like to see Hornett Wholefoods stock, why not ask next time you’re in?


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