New additions to the shop!

More (yes more!) new lines in store now!

WP_20150420_13_36_30_ProNever let it be said that Hornett Wholefoods don’t listen to their customers! All of these new lines have come in after customer requests:

WP_20150420_13_39_12_ProBiona organic Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother – £2.15 for 500ml

There are many health benefits to using and drinking Apple Cider Vinegar – it can help with weight loss, joint flexibility and general well-being. The “Mother” is the ball of enzymes that sits at the top of the fermenting apple juice as it turns into vinegar. This is normally removed as it is seen to make the vinegar look less appealing but it is where the best of the goodness is. This makes the vinegar look cloudier and more like cider when it is left in. Some believe that the vinegar is more effective if the Mother is left.


Darrell Lea Liquorice – £1.49 for 200g

WP_20150420_13_38_30_ProWe have plain liquorice and strawberry flavours in stock and they are truly scrumptious! Really soft liquorice and very more-ish.

WP_20150420_13_39_48_ProOrganic Golden Linseed – £1.45 for 250g

I was asked the difference between normal and golden linseeds last week – it’s just the colour that’s different! Lovely to add to cereals and bread for a tasty difference, it’s also known as flax. It’s high in Omega 3 oils and fibre and is said to lower cholesterol in women.

Curry Leaves – 95p for 5g

A valuable cooking aid – along with the rest of our pretty extensive range of herbs and spices.



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