Product trials

In the interests of science and my general well-being, and because so many customers have extolled the virtues of these products, I’m experimenting with two things – coconut oil and apple cider vinegar with Mother.

WP_20150421_13_59_02_ProCoconut oil

I’m lucky enough to be blessed with fairly good skin but it’s prone to dryness and it’s a struggle to keep up sometimes, especially in the winter. I recently used a fantastic product that worked really quickly to solve a really bad dry patch I had and I thought I’d finally found the perfect thing for my skin. Instead, I discovered I am highly allergic to essential oils and my face, hand and wrists swelled up quite alarmingly! So that was the kaibosh put on that then. The rash and swelling went down eventually (5 days of swelling, itching and, worst of all, no make up!) but the skin on my hands especially has really suffered and nothing seems to be making a difference to how dry and old the skin looks. I know about some of the benefits of coconut oil and customers love to tell me what they use it for so I thought I’d give it a try. Today is day one and I’ve replenished the oil every time I wash my hands so I’ll keep you updated with the results. I smell amazing, if nothing else! One tip I can pass on already – leave the jar in the sun to warm up slightly as this stuff is very hard in its natural state!

Feel free to add what you use coconut oil for in the comments!


WP_20150420_13_39_12_ProApple Cider Vinegar (ACV) with Mother

This is a new product in the shop and I read up about what it can do while I was blogging about new lines yesterday. The ‘Mother’ is essentially enzymes, a natural substance created during the fermentation process of ACV. It appears as a cob-web like formation floating in the vinegar. The ‘mother’ is alive and is made up from bacteria, enzymes and living nutrients. It apparently helps with weight loss by increasing how satisfied or full you are after a meal. It must be diluted (1 tbsp of ACV in a big glass of water) as it’s very acidic and I recommend drinking it quite quickly as it’s quite a strong flavour! Some sites recommend putting honey or other sweeteners in the solution. I did feel fuller almost immediately and, right now, typing about 2 hours after lunch, I feel adequately full. I’d normally want something to eat about now so let’s see how long this lasts.

How do you take ACV and what benefits do you get from it?



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