Additions this week

Xantham GumDove’s Farm Xantham Gum – £3.37 for 100g

I was asked to stock this by a customer – for those uninitiated (including me until a couple of weeks ago!), Xantham Gum is a binder, especially useful when baking with gluten-free flour. Vegan and gluten-free.

Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda – £4.50 for 400g

A customer ordered this as he said he couldn’t get it anywhere. Well now, you can find it at Hornett Wholefoods! Vegan and gluten-free.

polonyFry’s Polony – £3.57 for 500g

A massive slicing sausage, suitable for vegans. It’ll be thoroughly tested in our house this week.

VBites Wot No Dairy Peach & Apricot and Strawberry Desserts – 58p for 125g

A couple of extra flavours to add to the three we already stock. As the name suggests, it’s suitable for vegans.

goji berriesDried Goji Berries – £2.22 for 125g

A customer request – delicious as they are, straight from the pack or added to cereals and cooking for a healthy addition.

clipper tea bagsClipper Organic Decaffeinated Teabags – £2.70 for 40 bags    

An addition to the stock as it was missing so far! Clipper teas really are a lovely, fully rounded cuppa.

echinacea teaHeath & Heather Echinacea Teabags – £1.79 for 20 bags

Another missing flavour of tea – let’s see how it goes.

Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli – £3.00 for 850g

A massive box for a really good price. I’ve added this because I really like it and have it for breakfast most mornings. And for those on Slimming World, 35g of this muesli is a Healthy Extra B choice.

 Panda Licorice bars – 53p for 32g bar

We had a lot of requests for natural licorice recently, so now we also have bars to add to the natural and strawberry flavoured bags. Again, they will be thoroughly tested at Hornett Wholefoods Towers this week.



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