New lines!

We have your new favourite snacks in store from today!

Nothing But LHSNothing But. are the main sponsors of National Vegetarian Week next week so we’ve started stocking their range – all at £1.19 a bag. These are really very nice indeed – just fruit and vegetables freeze dried, with no added sugar or salt. I’ve tried the Pineapple and Grape flavour so far and can report that they are lovely! They are vegan and gluten free so I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t be able to eat these. You’ll be able to try them free on Tuesday 19th May when Nothing But are visiting the shop – you’ll definitely want to buy more! Chickpea crisps

Pashmere Chickpea Chips are also in store today – they come in Spinach and Pure Spice flavours. Another really lovely, interesting snack for you to try. They’re 85p for a 50g bag. I’ve tried both flavours and they really have a lovely authentic Indian taste; very moreish!

It’s useless to try and resist either of these lines – you’d better just come in and get them while you can!

Faith in Nature shampooFaith In Nature shampoo and conditioner are making their debut – I’ve chosen a fragrance free range to start with as they have such a large range it was hard to choose! They’re on offer at £2.80 each for 400ml.

We have some really lovely suncatchers from Siesta Crafts in stock, just in time for the sunny weather. We have three circular designs at £7.99 each and some beautifully coloured butterflies at £3.99 each.

Butterflies and cold drinks Suncatchers


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