New lines from today!

We have for you this week, all following customer requests:

Plamil Orange Chocolate 100g bar for £2.62
Organic Quinoa Flakes, 500g for £6.66
Meridian Yeast Extract, 340g for £3.99
Sarakan toothpaste, 50ml tube for £2.59
Aloe Vera Sun Lotion SPF 25, 200ml for £10.65
Faith in Nature Fragrance Free Shower Gel, 400ml for £2.80

new lines 180515Plamil Orange Chocolate Bar
I wish I had smell-o-vision on this computer – even without opening the pack, this smells amazing! It’s organic and vegan and sooooo tempting!

Organic Quinoa Flakes
Quinoa Flakes can be used in baking and for thickening soups and sauces – here’s a recipe: Quinoa is protein rich and has a low gluten level so some with coeliac disease can tolerate it in their diet.

Meridian Yeast Extract
A vitamin that we meat-eaters don’t normally get in our diets is B6 and B12, so we need to eat foods with them added. Yeast Extract is one of the most delicious ways to get it – I love this stuff!

Sarakan Toothpaste
A lovely natural toothpaste to complement the mouthwash we already stock. It’s recognised by the British Dental Health Foundation and is vegan, with no fluoride or SLS.

Aloe Vera Sun Lotion SPF 25
As I write this, I’ve been very optimistic stocking this today, as it’s pouring down with rain! This is an organic product with jojoba, avocado and camomile giving natural protection against the sun’s rays. We get vitamin D from the sun – just 15 minutes daily is what we need, but we don’t need to cook ourselves at the same time!

Faith in Nature Fragrance Free Shower Gel and Foam Bath
This is a hypoallergenic product, meaning it’s perfectly fine for those with sensitive skin to use. Again, there are no parabens or SLS in this product, it’s vegan and not tested on animals, as are all the products at Hornett Wholefoods.


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