Additions to Hornett Wholefoods for June

More new lines as suggested and requested by customers –

Clearspring Silken Tofu – £1.59 for 300g pack    Tofus

Cauldron Smoked Tofu – £2.75 for 200g pack

What’s the difference between silken and ‘regular’ tofu? The type of tofu usually found in chiller cabinets is a firmer type of tofu, used for cooking main dishes like stir fries. Silken is much softer and needs to be handled much more carefully. It can be used in desserts and in place of eggs in a quiche.   Click here – Tofu to find out more and for some recipes.

tinned lentils and risottoBiona Organic Brown Risotto Rice – £2.59 for 500g

A lovely, healthy version of risotto rice – follow this Risotto Rice for full information and cooking instructions. I always enjoy risotto with onion, pepper, broccoli and spinach. It’s well worth the effort!

Extract pastesTaylor and Colledge Pastes – Peppermint extract paste £3.45 for 40g

Vanilla Bean paste £3.95 for 40g

I swear I can smell the peppermint through a sealed tube and the box! I’m definitely trying these at home – my daughter makes awesome cakes and I bet these would taste amazing. Why not buy some and let me know how you get on?

whole earth popWhole Earth Cola and Lemonade 95p for 330ml can

More organic treats from Hornett Wholefoods. These lightly fizzed drinks are the ideal thing to cool you down on a hot day (at the time of typing, the temperature was in the high 20s!). Whole Earth drinks are sweetened with agave syrup rather than sugar and the only other ingredients are water and natural ingredients like lemon and malt barley.

Suma Organic Green Lentils – 95p for 400g can

lavender and lime soapSuma Lavender and Lime handmade soap – £1.99 for 95g bar

An addition to the soaps range in the shop, chosen because it’s purple and smells amazing! These are handmade at Suma and have a long lasting scent, with no additional nasties like SLS.

soaps range x 4


Incense cones, sets and holders at Hornett Wholefoods

incense rangeWe have a new range of incense cones, sets and holders from Shared Earth at Hornett Wholefoods. These are all hand made in Pondicherry, India and are made by a Fair Trade company called Auromira. The packaging is made from recycled paper and is dyed and screen printed by hand.

incense setsIncense sets

We have two sets – one with cones, mini sticks and a holder in Lemongrass, Vanilla or Sandalwood and is £1.75. The other is a mini set with mini sticks, a holder and an elephant incense mini setscandle in Lavender, Jasmine or Rose and is £1.50. They really are very cute and would make an ideal gift – maybe something for the kids’ teachers as we near the end of the school year?

incense wooden holdersIncense holders

We have three lovely holders in stock now – two wooden ash catchers and a lovely turquoise ceramic leaf-shaped holder. Both can hold sticks incense holder - ceramic leafand cones. The wooden catchers are £1.75 each; the ceramic holder is £1.15.

Incense cones

incense conesTo add to the sticks we already have in the shop, we have added three scents of cones. Cones are a bit tidier than sticks as they keep their shape as they burn so there’s less potential for ash to drop away from the holder. We have Fresh Linen, Rain Drops and Citrus in stock with Musk and Patchouli to follow.

Did you know that incense is a great insect repellent? When you’re in the garden and the midges start flying around, light an incense stick or cone and the smoke will put them off!

More new stuff for June!

New lines this week:

Ecover concentrate non-bioEcover Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, 1.5l for £9.99

You have at least 42 loads of clean laundry from this bottle!   We use this liquid at home and I always use less than the recommended dose; this liquid is powerful enough to be able to still clean clothes effectively with a lower dose. It’s ideal for washing clothes at 30°, which is an environmentally friendly way to do it, and Ecover is one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the UK. There are no animal ingredients in this liquid and it’s never been tested on animals.

Suma Organic Brown Rice Flour, 500g for £1.69Organic Brown Rice

Rice flour is an alternative to wheat-based flour and is suitable for coeliacs as it’s naturally gluten-free. It’s used in South Indian recipes to make pancakes and rice noodles and it can be used to make cakes and biscuits.

VBites Chicken Style Pieces, 150g for £2.69

A delicious meat substitute from Northamptonshire company VBites. This is a versatile food, and can be eaten hot in curries, stews etc or added to salads etc after it’s been cooked and chilled. It takes flavours very well or can be enjoyed on its own. It’s also ideal for a vegan diet as it has no dairy or eggs in it.

Sheese and ChickenSheese Strong Cheddar Style Spread, 255g for £2.35

This is a vegan cheese-free soft cheese! It has a delicious cheddar flavour and can be used wherever traditional cheese spread would be used. It’s also gluten-free so satisfies many dietary choices. Try it in a soft brown roll with cucumber – simple and delicious!

New lines for mid June!

We have new lines and a little diversification this week – keep reading to find out what we have in the shop!

Food items –

Salad cream and W sauce trioGranovita Sauces – all £2.15

We at last have Granovita’s Worcester Sauce back in stock! It’s a 150g bottle and completes our trio of vegan Worcester SaucBrown Saucees. We have also added Salad Cream and a squeezy bottle of Brown Sauce to the stock range; again, these are vegan. They are also gluten free and I’m informed by one of my customers that it’s quite difficult to find a gluten free Brown Sauce – Hornett Wholefoods now has two!

Soya Milk – 500ml for 99p

Small soya milk in fridgeIf you’re looking to grab a pint of milk on the way to work in the morning, pop in for a small box of soya milk from Granovita! This really is lovely milk and those that still drink non-vegan milks won’t be able to tell the difference; that’s certainly my experience. We also have them for sale on the shelf in the shop to keep in your cupboard.

Local honey June 2015Northamptonshire Honey – 1lb (454g) for £4.00

Thanks to Water Furrow Farm in Barby near Daventry, we have Northamptonshire Honey in stock. There is runny and set honey and it’s soooo delicious! I don’t normally like honey, but I had to find quite a lot of self control to not eat the whole jar… If you return an empty jar for the farmer to refill, I’ll give you a voucher for 10% off your next jar of his honey.

Non-food items –

Compost pairVital Earth Organic Peat Free Recycled Compost – 50 litres for £3.99 or 4 bags for £10

Growise Peat Reduced Multipurpose Compost – 50 litres for £4.99

Both types are suitable for any use around the garden. A little extra thing in the shop – they’re really good quality and are used by our gardeners, Hornett Garden Services.

New products for June!

We have an amazing eleven new lines in the shop from today! These are all suggestions from customers – if there’s anything you think we should sell,let me know and I’ll see what I can do. New ranges 030615

Oat Bran, Granola and CoconutBob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oat Bran – £3.72 for 400g

A good source of soluble fibre, this is ideal for breakfast with hot milk. It can also be used for baking. There are instructions on the back for using as a cereal and a recipe for Apple Walnut Oat Chews.

Biona Organic Choco Coconut Granola – £3.49 for 375g

Biona is an entirely organic brand and this is a wonderful sounding mix of wholegrain oats, chocolate and coconut flakes.

Goodness Desiccated Coconut – £1.89 for 250g

My favourite use for desiccated coconut is on a plain sponge covered in raspberry jam. My favourite pudding at school – yum! There’s a recipe for Spicy Cabbage and Coconut on this pack.

New snacks 030615Goodness Super Berry Mix – £2.70 for 150g

This is a selection of superberries – cranberries, mulberries, inca berries and goji berries – could there be a more super mix? I think not. Good for you, and tasty. They can be eaten straight from the pack, or added to cereals, cakes and smoothies.

Nakd Nibbles – Coconut Bliss, Tooty Fruity and Salted Caramel flavours – 95p for 40g

Nibbles are a new range from the ever popular Nakd. Nakd bars are the most popular things in the shop and these look very tempting. (The Bakewell Tart bars are back in stock, by the way.) Nakd bars and Nibbles are just fruit and nuts “squooshed” together, with no added sugar or salt (apart from the Salted Caramel flavour, funnily enough). They’re all vegan, most of the flavours are gluten free too and they qualify as one of your five a day – what’s not to love?

Nakd and BounceBounce Almond Protein Hit ball – £1.79 for 49g

“A chewy mix of Almonds and Whey Protein” – gluten free snacks that you can keep in your pocket, with no artificial preservatives, high in protein and fibre. A snack that’s good for you? Wow! New sauces 030615

Super Sauces!

Al’fez Harissa pastes – Green £2.19 for 100g; Red £1.70 for 100g

These are both labelled as “hot” and you’d better believe it! Red Harissa paste is a blend of chillies, tomatoes and garlic; Green is green chillies, garlic and coriander. You only need a teaspoon of these to add a really special spicy edge to your meal.

Biona Organic Wholegrain Mustard – £2.19 for 200g

A lovely tasting addition to a meal.