New products for June!

We have an amazing eleven new lines in the shop from today! These are all suggestions from customers – if there’s anything you think we should sell,let me know and I’ll see what I can do. New ranges 030615

Oat Bran, Granola and CoconutBob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Oat Bran – £3.72 for 400g

A good source of soluble fibre, this is ideal for breakfast with hot milk. It can also be used for baking. There are instructions on the back for using as a cereal and a recipe for Apple Walnut Oat Chews.

Biona Organic Choco Coconut Granola – £3.49 for 375g

Biona is an entirely organic brand and this is a wonderful sounding mix of wholegrain oats, chocolate and coconut flakes.

Goodness Desiccated Coconut – £1.89 for 250g

My favourite use for desiccated coconut is on a plain sponge covered in raspberry jam. My favourite pudding at school – yum! There’s a recipe for Spicy Cabbage and Coconut on this pack.

New snacks 030615Goodness Super Berry Mix – £2.70 for 150g

This is a selection of superberries – cranberries, mulberries, inca berries and goji berries – could there be a more super mix? I think not. Good for you, and tasty. They can be eaten straight from the pack, or added to cereals, cakes and smoothies.

Nakd Nibbles – Coconut Bliss, Tooty Fruity and Salted Caramel flavours – 95p for 40g

Nibbles are a new range from the ever popular Nakd. Nakd bars are the most popular things in the shop and these look very tempting. (The Bakewell Tart bars are back in stock, by the way.) Nakd bars and Nibbles are just fruit and nuts “squooshed” together, with no added sugar or salt (apart from the Salted Caramel flavour, funnily enough). They’re all vegan, most of the flavours are gluten free too and they qualify as one of your five a day – what’s not to love?

Nakd and BounceBounce Almond Protein Hit ball – £1.79 for 49g

“A chewy mix of Almonds and Whey Protein” – gluten free snacks that you can keep in your pocket, with no artificial preservatives, high in protein and fibre. A snack that’s good for you? Wow! New sauces 030615

Super Sauces!

Al’fez Harissa pastes – Green £2.19 for 100g; Red £1.70 for 100g

These are both labelled as “hot” and you’d better believe it! Red Harissa paste is a blend of chillies, tomatoes and garlic; Green is green chillies, garlic and coriander. You only need a teaspoon of these to add a really special spicy edge to your meal.

Biona Organic Wholegrain Mustard – £2.19 for 200g

A lovely tasting addition to a meal.


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