New lines for mid June!

We have new lines and a little diversification this week – keep reading to find out what we have in the shop!

Food items –

Salad cream and W sauce trioGranovita Sauces – all £2.15

We at last have Granovita’s Worcester Sauce back in stock! It’s a 150g bottle and completes our trio of vegan Worcester SaucBrown Saucees. We have also added Salad Cream and a squeezy bottle of Brown Sauce to the stock range; again, these are vegan. They are also gluten free and I’m informed by one of my customers that it’s quite difficult to find a gluten free Brown Sauce – Hornett Wholefoods now has two!

Soya Milk – 500ml for 99p

Small soya milk in fridgeIf you’re looking to grab a pint of milk on the way to work in the morning, pop in for a small box of soya milk from Granovita! This really is lovely milk and those that still drink non-vegan milks won’t be able to tell the difference; that’s certainly my experience. We also have them for sale on the shelf in the shop to keep in your cupboard.

Local honey June 2015Northamptonshire Honey – 1lb (454g) for £4.00

Thanks to Water Furrow Farm in Barby near Daventry, we have Northamptonshire Honey in stock. There is runny and set honey and it’s soooo delicious! I don’t normally like honey, but I had to find quite a lot of self control to not eat the whole jar… If you return an empty jar for the farmer to refill, I’ll give you a voucher for 10% off your next jar of his honey.

Non-food items –

Compost pairVital Earth Organic Peat Free Recycled Compost – 50 litres for £3.99 or 4 bags for £10

Growise Peat Reduced Multipurpose Compost – 50 litres for £4.99

Both types are suitable for any use around the garden. A little extra thing in the shop – they’re really good quality and are used by our gardeners, Hornett Garden Services.


2 thoughts on “New lines for mid June!

  1. Nice! My bag of compost is nearly empty will get one later in the week. The honey is indeed unbelievable tasty. Very enjoyable.

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