More new stuff for June!

New lines this week:

Ecover concentrate non-bioEcover Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, 1.5l for £9.99

You have at least 42 loads of clean laundry from this bottle!   We use this liquid at home and I always use less than the recommended dose; this liquid is powerful enough to be able to still clean clothes effectively with a lower dose. It’s ideal for washing clothes at 30°, which is an environmentally friendly way to do it, and Ecover is one of the most environmentally friendly companies in the UK. There are no animal ingredients in this liquid and it’s never been tested on animals.

Suma Organic Brown Rice Flour, 500g for £1.69Organic Brown Rice

Rice flour is an alternative to wheat-based flour and is suitable for coeliacs as it’s naturally gluten-free. It’s used in South Indian recipes to make pancakes and rice noodles and it can be used to make cakes and biscuits.

VBites Chicken Style Pieces, 150g for £2.69

A delicious meat substitute from Northamptonshire company VBites. This is a versatile food, and can be eaten hot in curries, stews etc or added to salads etc after it’s been cooked and chilled. It takes flavours very well or can be enjoyed on its own. It’s also ideal for a vegan diet as it has no dairy or eggs in it.

Sheese and ChickenSheese Strong Cheddar Style Spread, 255g for £2.35

This is a vegan cheese-free soft cheese! It has a delicious cheddar flavour and can be used wherever traditional cheese spread would be used. It’s also gluten-free so satisfies many dietary choices. Try it in a soft brown roll with cucumber – simple and delicious!


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