Incense cones, sets and holders at Hornett Wholefoods

incense rangeWe have a new range of incense cones, sets and holders from Shared Earth at Hornett Wholefoods. These are all hand made in Pondicherry, India and are made by a Fair Trade company called Auromira. The packaging is made from recycled paper and is dyed and screen printed by hand.

incense setsIncense sets

We have two sets – one with cones, mini sticks and a holder in Lemongrass, Vanilla or Sandalwood and is £1.75. The other is a mini set with mini sticks, a holder and an elephant incense mini setscandle in Lavender, Jasmine or Rose and is £1.50. They really are very cute and would make an ideal gift – maybe something for the kids’ teachers as we near the end of the school year?

incense wooden holdersIncense holders

We have three lovely holders in stock now – two wooden ash catchers and a lovely turquoise ceramic leaf-shaped holder. Both can hold sticks incense holder - ceramic leafand cones. The wooden catchers are £1.75 each; the ceramic holder is £1.15.

Incense cones

incense conesTo add to the sticks we already have in the shop, we have added three scents of cones. Cones are a bit tidier than sticks as they keep their shape as they burn so there’s less potential for ash to drop away from the holder. We have Fresh Linen, Rain Drops and Citrus in stock with Musk and Patchouli to follow.

Did you know that incense is a great insect repellent? When you’re in the garden and the midges start flying around, light an incense stick or cone and the smoke will put them off!


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