Additions to Hornett Wholefoods for June

More new lines as suggested and requested by customers –

Clearspring Silken Tofu – £1.59 for 300g pack    Tofus

Cauldron Smoked Tofu – £2.75 for 200g pack

What’s the difference between silken and ‘regular’ tofu? The type of tofu usually found in chiller cabinets is a firmer type of tofu, used for cooking main dishes like stir fries. Silken is much softer and needs to be handled much more carefully. It can be used in desserts and in place of eggs in a quiche.   Click here – Tofu to find out more and for some recipes.

tinned lentils and risottoBiona Organic Brown Risotto Rice – £2.59 for 500g

A lovely, healthy version of risotto rice – follow this Risotto Rice for full information and cooking instructions. I always enjoy risotto with onion, pepper, broccoli and spinach. It’s well worth the effort!

Extract pastesTaylor and Colledge Pastes – Peppermint extract paste £3.45 for 40g

Vanilla Bean paste £3.95 for 40g

I swear I can smell the peppermint through a sealed tube and the box! I’m definitely trying these at home – my daughter makes awesome cakes and I bet these would taste amazing. Why not buy some and let me know how you get on?

whole earth popWhole Earth Cola and Lemonade 95p for 330ml can

More organic treats from Hornett Wholefoods. These lightly fizzed drinks are the ideal thing to cool you down on a hot day (at the time of typing, the temperature was in the high 20s!). Whole Earth drinks are sweetened with agave syrup rather than sugar and the only other ingredients are water and natural ingredients like lemon and malt barley.

Suma Organic Green Lentils – 95p for 400g can

lavender and lime soapSuma Lavender and Lime handmade soap – £1.99 for 95g bar

An addition to the soaps range in the shop, chosen because it’s purple and smells amazing! These are handmade at Suma and have a long lasting scent, with no additional nasties like SLS.

soaps range x 4


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