Summery additions to Hornett Wholefoods!

I think it’s safe to say that summer has arrived! We have a few seasonal items to add to the shop this week… Ice lollies

Real Nice Ice Lollies – 90p each, £3.60 for a box of four.

Organic fruit lollies to keep everyone cool on hot summer days. We have Mixed Berry or Mango single lollies and the box has 2 Banana & Raspberry and 2 Mango lollies in it. The lollies are made from the whole fruit, not the juice with no added sugar, water or preservatives.

Hay Max Pollen Barrier Balm – £7.10 for 5ml

Hay Max traps pollen at the base of your nose, meaning less pollen or dust goes into the body for a reduction in allergies. It’s effective for hayfever, pet allergies and any other airborne allergies. It’s won all sorts of awards, including an award from Allergy UK in 2013 for being “Allergy Friendly”. Probiotics and HayMax


  • Lepicol High Fibre powder – £19.23 for 350g

This contains inulin and psyllium husk to keep your gut moving along. It contains live bacteria that are naturally present in healthy digestive systems.

This is friendly bacteria in powder form to aid digestion.

  • Higher Nature Probiotic Tablets – £8.45 for 90 tablets

More friendly bacteria; in tablet form. This is gluten free and suitable for vegans.

GF Cake mixesGluten Free Cake and Brownie Mixes from Delicious Alchemy – £3.49 for 400g

We have a Vanilla Sponge Mix and a Chocolate Brownie Mix and it’s all I can do not to experiment with it in the microwave! These are gluten and dairy free. The website is very useful and includes lots of tips about gluten intolerance and recipes.

GF TagliatelleGluten Free Tagliatelle – £2.99 for 250g

An addition to the shop as suggested by a customer, this is gluten, egg and dairy free. It’s made in Italy for an authentic taste and it’s really easy to use.

Quinoa chips - tomato and garlicQuinoa Chips with Sundried Tomato and Garlic – 69p for 40g

Another addition to the expanding ‘crisps’ section in the shop. These are very nice indeed and I had a hard time not finishing the whole bag in an undignified rush! These are lower in fat that normal crisps and have so much more flavour – I can heartily recommend these. These are also gluten free and vegan.


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