We have some lovely new lines in from Suma this week –

Gluten Free goodies!

  • Angelic Ginger Crunch cookies – £2.59
  • Prewett’s Milk Chocolate Digestives – on offer! £1.99 £1.59
  • Big Oz Puffed Wholegrain Cereal – £3.09

WP_20150908_09_01_24_Pro[1]These three companies are all completely gluten-free, so you can be assured there’s no contamination from wheat or gluten.

Angelic offers all sorts of sweet and savoury biscuits in lovely modern packaging. They’re made with natural ingredients and there’s no difference in taste between these and a ‘traditional’ ginger biscuit, which is something that can also be said for the Prewett’s Milk Chocolate Digestives (my daughter and I tested this extensively…).

Big Oz is an organic brand offering a wide range of gluten-free products. This is a blend of brown rice, buckwheat and millet, with absolutely no other ingredients.

WP_20150908_08_59_43_Pro[1]Soups – as you’ll know, we’re offering 10% off all our soups (and soaps!) all the way through September. We’ve added three new flavours of soups so there’s more than ever to choose from! We have Suma Minestrone, Free & Easy Carrot & Coconut and Lentil & Red Pepper. All the Suma soups are £1.16 with 10% off and the Free & Easy soups are only 89p with their 10% off! The Suma soups are normally £1.29 each; the Free & Easy soups will be 99p each. All of our soups are organic and are about as good for you as making it yourself, so really healthy too.

WP_20150908_09_02_32_Pro[1]Frozen products

Fry’s Mince and Chicken style Strips – £3.13 each

My daughter is very fussy and went to a Vegan Summer Camp this year. I asked her to let me know what products she liked so I could buy them at home for us (we’re a vegetarian household transitioning to vegan, fingers crossed!). She was so keen on these, she’s insisted we have them in the shop! We had the chicken strips with peppers, onions and tomatoes in wraps for tea last night and they really are lovely. Highly recommended by a fussy 15 year old!

Clive’s Pies – Potato and Cheese Pasty £2.35, Creamy Mushroom Pie £2.65

I’ve had many requests for Clive’s Pies in the last few months and I’m pleased to say that I’ve finally got room in the freezer for two flavours! The mushroom pie is vegan, the pasty is vegetarian. These are also organic and handmade. (I’ve just looked at the website – I’m now very hungry…).

WP_20150908_08_59_15_Pro[1]Beautiful chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company

My love affair with this brand of chocolate started not long after we opened when a regular customer ordered a bar of Vanoffe. I like to try most things that come in the shop (well, lots of people ask for my opinion on the food I sell, and I have to be honest…) and I was blown away by how delicious this bar is! It really is the best chocolate I’ve ever tasted and because it’s raw, it’s almost good for you as it retains all the natural goodness of cacao. It’s sugar free as it’s sweetened by lucuma powder and made with love. Can you tell that I really like this chocolate? I don’t think I’ve really been too clear about that! Anyway, their products were given to the kids at the Vegan Summer Camp my daughter was at and she also raved about it. After being sent samples by the extremely generous chaps at Raw Choc Co, I was convinced to add a few more lines, so here they are:

  • Vanoffe Dark bar, £1.99 – as creamy as Vanoffe but with the bitter edge of dark chocolate.
  • Raw Chocolate Covered Goji Berries, £1.49 – it’s fruit so it’s good for you. Really.
  • Raw Chocolate Covered Mulberries, £1.49 – again, good for you with a sweet edge.

Buy some – you shan’t regret it!

Of course, we have loads of different delicious food in the shop and we’re adding all the time. I’m starting to wonder where I’m going to put any more things!


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