New food – October!

Suma newbies 211015Goodness additions 211015

What do we have for you this time? It’s been another bumper crop to add to the stock this month – here goes!

Violife OriginalViolife Original Cream Cheese – £2.89, 200g

In addition to the herby cream cheese we started having in stock recently, there is now room in the fridge for another of the popular Violife products. A couple of customers asked for this to be included, and I’m always happy to add more Vioife! It’s very smooth and authentic tasting; anyone would be happy to have this in sandwiches or on crackers. My favourite way to eat cream cheese is in a wholemeal roll with cucumber – delicious!

Vanoffe MulberriesVanoffe Mulberries – £5.99, 125g

My favourite chocolate covers delicious mulberries! Raw, ‘creamy’ chocolate covering fruit – it’s almost good for you! It’s a big bag but you certainly won’t struggle to get through it. I’d be very happy to be given these as a Christmas present…

RCC Cacao NibsCacao Nibs – £4.49, 150g

The Raw Chocolate Company strike again (the Vanoffe Mulberries are also theirs) – raw cacao nibs that are also Fairtrade and Organic. It‘s a bigger bag than our existing cacao nibs, ideal for cooking in a cake or adding to the top of cereal. Raw chocolate is good for you as it contains all sorts of minerals vital for good health.

Plamil White ChocVegan White Chocolate – £2.69, 100g bar

Plamil have added a delicious white chocolate bar to their range. It’s a tasty bar made from a blend of cocoa butter, rice powder and sugar with vanilla. It’s close to the taste of white chocolate, but without the dairy.

Nakd range inc XmasNakd Christmas Pud bar – 85p each

Well, this certainly smells like Christmas and I’m reliably informed that it tastes like Christmas pud too! Another raw product from Nakd and only available in the festive period. It’s only the second Xmas food I have in the shop, after the dairy-free Advent calendar, but it’s a welcome addition. We have a good sized range of Nakd bars and Nibbles in the shop and they’re very popular!

GF Wholegrain CrackersGluten-free wholegrain crackers – £1.99, 114g (20 crackers)

A tasty cracker from Nairn’s, these are vegetarian and gluten free. They will be the crackers we’ll be using when you come in for the GranoVita tasting session on 30th October (a vegan alternative will of course be available). There are 4 packs of 5 crackers in the box for freshness, so less chance for waste.

GF Maize & Rice spaghettiMaize and rice gluten free spaghetti – £2.59, 500g

Another choice for those who can’t tolerate standard spaghetti. This is from Dove’s Farm so you can be assured of a high quality, tasty product.

Braised TofuBraised Tofu – £2.39, 225g

This is a canned product from Marigold, this is a ready to eat product, tasty in salads and sandwiches or cooked in stir fries and casseroles.

10 Acre chicken crispsTen Acre ‘chicken’ flavour crisps – 80p, 40g bag

A really tasty, vegan range of crisps, we also have cheese and onion, ready salted and sweet and sour flavours. This is a customer request – she also buys the cheese and onion flavour in bulk as she can’t get enough of them!

Most of these additions come from customer suggestions – if you’ve got an idea of something you’d like to see in the shop, let me know!  We’re on Facebook (/hornettwholefoods), Twitter (@healthyhornett), email ( and you can call us on 01933 741798.


October Health Fest – Fluoride Free toothpaste

Fluoride free toothpaste

Fluoride free tooth stuffWe have many requests for Fluoride Free toothpaste, but what’s the benefit? We’re always told that we need to have fluoride for good teeth health so why should it be removed?

Green People Kids tpasteFluoride, in adequate doses, is good for your teeth, and necessary to help stop tooth decay. It’s in our drinking water, whether or not we want it there. Fluoride helps to make teeth more resistant to decay by limiting the ability of plaque bacteria to produce acid. It’s become apparent in recent years that it’s not necessary to have it in toothpaste and other oral health products as well as in water.

Green People Peppermint tpasteExcessive fluoride can lead to something called dental fluorosis in children which shows itself as lines and marks on teeth which can lead to permanent damage if not diagnosed by a dentist.   It has also been linked to stomach problems and damage to thyroid function, although research is still being carried out into this. The general consensus nowadays is that there is sufficient fluoride in drinking water and there’s no need to supplement it.

We have 4 toothpastes and a mouthwash in the shop without fluoride. They all have natural ingredients and are made by Sarakan and Green People:

SarakanSarakan’s products are made with the fibrous branches of the Salvadora persica shrub, which is widespread throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. “Thanks to this powerful natural extract, Sarakan helps keep teeth and gums healthy without fluoride, sodium lauryl sulphate, sweeteners, artificial colours or animal-derived ingredients.”

Green People Fennel tpasteAll Green People products are organic and made with natural ingredients, with no SLS or harsh chemicals. They are flavoured with essential oils and their tooth health products don’t have any fluoride in them.

Get Nakd with October Health Fest!

nakd logoWhat’s the perfect healthy snack for when you’ve had a workout or just have the munchies halfway through the morning? What’s the best thing to find in your coat pocket when it’s been stored for the winter (apart from a £20 note)? What tastes like it should be bad for you, but really isn’t? Nakd bars of course! These are perfectly sized bars of squashed together fruit and nuts, and nothing else. They’re also gluten free, vegan and have no added sugar so they’re almost perfect! But what are they? I’m glad you asked…

Nakd and seedsNakd bars are just raw fruit and nuts blended together – no added sugar or syrup, no GMOs, no other unnecessary stuff. Because of this, many of the flavours count towards your 5 a day! So they’re safe to put in the kids’ lunchboxes* – the kids will never know that they’re healthy and the school will be impressed, I’m sure. You can keep them in your desk at work for a mid-morning or afternoon snack between meals without ruining your appetite. I’ve also been told that they’re great for a post-workout snack. They come in a wide variety of flavours (we have 7 in stock) – my favourites are the berry ones like Berry Cheeky, Rhubarb & Custard and Bakewell Tart. They’re 85p each and one of our top sellers.

Nakd and BounceWe also have Nakd Nibbles in stock –these are small bags of small ‘nibbles’ in sweet shop flavours. You could eat these as they are from the bag, but I like to add them to a bowl of yogurt to add an extra flavour and texture to the bowl. We have 3 flavours – Coconut Bliss, Tooty Fruity and Salted Caramel. The bags of Nibbles are 95p each.

Nakd Strawb Trek Peanut*Please be aware that these bars aren’t suitable for those with nut allergies and that there may be some very small pieces of shell or pit pieces from the raw fruit in the recipe. Thanks.

October Health Fest – Bulgur Wheat

bulgur wheatI love bulgur wheat. I eat it about 3 times a week, without fail. It’s filling, it’s healthy and it’s versatile. Do you like rice? Try bulgur wheat instead for a more filling meal with fewer carbs. It has more fibre and protein than white rice and it’s low GI so will keep you fuller for longer. It contains B vitamins and it’s high in magnesium and iron – meaning it’s good for muscle and blood development.

turmericTo cook it, just boil a pan full of water with a scoop of bouillon. When the water’s at a rolling boil, add your bulgur wheat and simmer for about 10 minutes, until it’s soft. You can also add turmeric to the water for a lovely golden glow to your wheat – turmeric can also be beneficial for stomach complaints and it has anti-flammatory and antibiotic properties.  It adds a little spicy element to the cooked bulgur wheat!

What do I do with it when I’ve cooked it?

bw ballsI usually have it as a kind of salad – chopped peppers, onions and spinach, stir fried until lightly browned. Add the bulgur wheat and splash with soy sauce or tamari. It’s grand eaten hot or cold, for lunch.   Fry’s Chicken Style Strips also taste good with this.

It can be made into Bulgur wheat balls or a potato dish called kibbe.

October Health Fest – Violife vs cheese

Violife Cheese vs Dairy Cheese

Violife cheese 100215


In recent years, there has been an explosion in the options open to vegans and those that want to reduce their dairy intake. In the past, vegan ‘cheese’ was nothing like the real thing – full of chemicals and tasting like it too! It was a poor substitute and put people off wanting to become vegan (myself included). Now, though, we have Violife! It comes in blocks,slices and cream cheese and has 12 flavours – all very authentic. You can even melt it on toast for great vegan cheese on toast – add a splash of Worcester Sauce and you have a perfect evening snack!

  • What’s the difference between them then? Why should you switch to milk-free cheese?

coconut oilFrom a taste point of view they are remarkably similar but the main difference is that Violife is made with coconut oil. Coconut oil’s many benefits are better known now than ever before – it can speed up metabolism and it’s easier to digest. I find it a less ‘oily’ oil and Violife has a really authentic, smooth texture because of that.

  • But what’s wrong with milk?

cow fartsVegans don’t have milk in their diets for many reasons – they believe it’s wrong to take the milk from a cow that has just given birth; there are also additives given to cows to increase milk production and antibiotics to reduce risk of illness. These pass through into the milk sold in shops.   Visit The Vegan Society to see why you should be vegan.

Violife is also free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), so called ‘Frankenstein foods’. These are foods that have had their basic structure tampered with to increase yields, to guard against diseases and to make new , ‘better’ foods. There’s no sneaky antibiotics here!

Violife benefits listViolife cheese is:

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • Soya free
  • Gluten free
  • GMO free
  • Delicious (especially Smoked flavour!)

Please visit the Violife website and tell me which one you’d like to see on the shelves!