October Health Fest – Bulgur Wheat

bulgur wheatI love bulgur wheat. I eat it about 3 times a week, without fail. It’s filling, it’s healthy and it’s versatile. Do you like rice? Try bulgur wheat instead for a more filling meal with fewer carbs. It has more fibre and protein than white rice and it’s low GI so will keep you fuller for longer. It contains B vitamins and it’s high in magnesium and iron – meaning it’s good for muscle and blood development.

turmericTo cook it, just boil a pan full of water with a scoop of bouillon. When the water’s at a rolling boil, add your bulgur wheat and simmer for about 10 minutes, until it’s soft. You can also add turmeric to the water for a lovely golden glow to your wheat – turmeric can also be beneficial for stomach complaints and it has anti-flammatory and antibiotic properties.  It adds a little spicy element to the cooked bulgur wheat!

What do I do with it when I’ve cooked it?

bw ballsI usually have it as a kind of salad – chopped peppers, onions and spinach, stir fried until lightly browned. Add the bulgur wheat and splash with soy sauce or tamari. It’s grand eaten hot or cold, for lunch.   Fry’s Chicken Style Strips also taste good with this.

It can be made into Bulgur wheat balls or a potato dish called kibbe.


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