New food – October!

Suma newbies 211015Goodness additions 211015

What do we have for you this time? It’s been another bumper crop to add to the stock this month – here goes!

Violife OriginalViolife Original Cream Cheese – £2.89, 200g

In addition to the herby cream cheese we started having in stock recently, there is now room in the fridge for another of the popular Violife products. A couple of customers asked for this to be included, and I’m always happy to add more Vioife! It’s very smooth and authentic tasting; anyone would be happy to have this in sandwiches or on crackers. My favourite way to eat cream cheese is in a wholemeal roll with cucumber – delicious!

Vanoffe MulberriesVanoffe Mulberries – £5.99, 125g

My favourite chocolate covers delicious mulberries! Raw, ‘creamy’ chocolate covering fruit – it’s almost good for you! It’s a big bag but you certainly won’t struggle to get through it. I’d be very happy to be given these as a Christmas present…

RCC Cacao NibsCacao Nibs – £4.49, 150g

The Raw Chocolate Company strike again (the Vanoffe Mulberries are also theirs) – raw cacao nibs that are also Fairtrade and Organic. It‘s a bigger bag than our existing cacao nibs, ideal for cooking in a cake or adding to the top of cereal. Raw chocolate is good for you as it contains all sorts of minerals vital for good health.

Plamil White ChocVegan White Chocolate – £2.69, 100g bar

Plamil have added a delicious white chocolate bar to their range. It’s a tasty bar made from a blend of cocoa butter, rice powder and sugar with vanilla. It’s close to the taste of white chocolate, but without the dairy.

Nakd range inc XmasNakd Christmas Pud bar – 85p each

Well, this certainly smells like Christmas and I’m reliably informed that it tastes like Christmas pud too! Another raw product from Nakd and only available in the festive period. It’s only the second Xmas food I have in the shop, after the dairy-free Advent calendar, but it’s a welcome addition. We have a good sized range of Nakd bars and Nibbles in the shop and they’re very popular!

GF Wholegrain CrackersGluten-free wholegrain crackers – £1.99, 114g (20 crackers)

A tasty cracker from Nairn’s, these are vegetarian and gluten free. They will be the crackers we’ll be using when you come in for the GranoVita tasting session on 30th October (a vegan alternative will of course be available). There are 4 packs of 5 crackers in the box for freshness, so less chance for waste.

GF Maize & Rice spaghettiMaize and rice gluten free spaghetti – £2.59, 500g

Another choice for those who can’t tolerate standard spaghetti. This is from Dove’s Farm so you can be assured of a high quality, tasty product.

Braised TofuBraised Tofu – £2.39, 225g

This is a canned product from Marigold, this is a ready to eat product, tasty in salads and sandwiches or cooked in stir fries and casseroles.

10 Acre chicken crispsTen Acre ‘chicken’ flavour crisps – 80p, 40g bag

A really tasty, vegan range of crisps, we also have cheese and onion, ready salted and sweet and sour flavours. This is a customer request – she also buys the cheese and onion flavour in bulk as she can’t get enough of them!

Most of these additions come from customer suggestions – if you’ve got an idea of something you’d like to see in the shop, let me know!  We’re on Facebook (/hornettwholefoods), Twitter (@healthyhornett), email ( and you can call us on 01933 741798.


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