Who fancies a party?

1stBirthdayIt’s New Years Eve and I’m asking that question…

Well it’s Hornett Wholefoods birthday this weekend, we’re going to be one!  This is an opportunity not to be missed.  We’re having a birthday party on Saturday, all day in the shop.

chocolate cakeFree Vegan Cakery birthday cake and drinks (tea/coffee/squash) available.  Also every customer that spends over a fiver gets a free vegan squirty cream.

Schlagfix-60x60There’ll be things for the children to do too including games, story telling and drawing.  Big kids can join in too…

Don’t forget we’re closed tomorrow (New Years Day)
But we’re making up for that by celebrating our 1st birthday this weekend! 

Healthy and Local Foods Sale

The Healthy and Local Foods Sale starts today!

Xmas 2015 range

Christmas has gone, but our Christmas spirit hasn’t; our Christmas stock now has 20% off! Plus there’s more to kick off our sale…

Replete Flatbreads 060315


10% off local food including Replete Flatbreads. Fresh in today from Rushden and 10% off just for this week!

Gourmet Spice oils



20% Taste pots and oils. These Northamptonshire marvels will liven up any post Christmas feast or new year party. Easy to use; make the rest of the festive season go with a bang.


10% off of Suma pre-packed essentials, like rice, bulgar wheat, beans and lentils in both organic or non-organic. If you need any help in the preparation, don’t worry, we have lots of recipes for you in store.


We’re also discounting our soups by 10% so why wait for new year; our Healthy and Local Foods Sale is here!

Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 24th December

Christmas Eve imageSo this is Christmas…

And here we are; the end of advent and the actual start of Christmas! I hope we’ve brought you some interesting products in our advent countdown and it’s prompted you to think about trying something you’ve not had before. We have lots and lots of other lovely things in the shop – come and have a look! We’re open till 4 today and closed until Tuesday 29th when we’ll be open from 9am till 5.30. We close on New Year’s Day, then it’ll be service as usual from Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Christmas 10 percent off

Our final advent window is to announce that all of the items in the shop that have the word “Christmas” on them are reduced from today – whatever price is on them, take 10% off! We have limited stock and when it’s gone, it’s gone. You have these to choose from:White choc stars

  • Yogi Tea Christmas Tea – £2.29 for 17 bags, down to £2.06
  • Mini Moos Selection box – £3.99 for 4 festive bars, reduced to £3.59
  • Divine White Chocolate Stars – £4.00 for 100g, now £3.60
  • Divine Dark Chocolate Coins – £2.49 for 70g, £2.24 with 10% off
  • Nakd Christmas Pud bar – 85p for 35g bar, down to 76p each
  • Shared Earth Christmas Spice incense sticks – £1.50 for 10, reduced to £1.35
  • Shared Earth Christmas Incense set – £9.99 for 5 packs of mini sticks, 5 packs of cones and a ceramic holder, down to £8.99WP_20151204_10_52_52_Pro[1]

There are, of course, lots of other things in the shop that you can give as a gift – check out this month’s blogs for some suggestions!

Merry Christmas to all of our customers and those who have read the blogs, Facebook posts (/hornettwholefoods) and Tweets(@healthyhornett) this year. See you in the shop soon!

Merry Christmas stock image

Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 23rd December

Gourmet Spice logo
Gourmet Spice Co. Taste pots and oils

As you know, we at Hornett Wholefoods support quite a few local businesses, with more to come in 2016. One of the first we stocked was Gourmet Spice Company, which is based in Weldon near Kettering – they have a massive range of spices, oils and vinegars to enhance your meals and we have a perfect selection of rubs, salts and vinegars for sale with 20% off until the New Year. You can choose from:

Gourmet Spice rubsRubs at £2.99 (£2.39 – 20%) each:

  • Chili
  • Garlic
  • Japanese Fire
  • Herb
  • Moroccan
  • Harissa
  • Firepit BBQ
  • Togarashi Spice
  • Magic BBQ Dust

Vanilla Sugar for £2.49 (£1.99 – 20%)

Gourmet Spice oilsOils at £4.99 (£3.99 – 20%) each:

  • Rosemary and Garlic
  • Garlic
  • Smoked
  • Smoked and Chili
  • Garlic and Chili

They’re fabulous for adding flavour to all sorts of dishes – stews, curries, shepherd’s pie, stir fried vegetables. The oils can be dashed over salads or added to home-made pesto for an exciting twist to a classic. The rubs can be used with the oils to make a quick marinade for barbequed vegetables and tofu in the summer.

Merry Christmas banner

Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 22nd December

Nakd range inc XmasNakd Christmas Pud bar

I have been told on a number of occasions that we stock the widest range of Nakd bars in Wellingborough, which is a good boast. They’re very simple, healthy bars of fruit and buts smooshed together. The ingredients for the Christmas Pud bar are dates, cashews, raisins and “a hint of natural flavouring” – that’s it! This particular bar smells amazing and will really have you believing that Christmas is only a few days away – a lovely puddingy smell and taste and it’s hard to believe that this is actually a healthy bar and will be one of your five a day. It’s suitable for vegans and coeliacs, but avoid it if you have a nut allergy, obviously. If you buy one between now and Christmas Eve, I’ll give you 10% off each one, which means each one will be just 76p (normally 85p)!

Merry Christmas stock image

Merry Christmas to all of you from everyone at Hornett Wholefoods!

Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 21st December

Vanoffe Mulberries
The Raw Chocolate Company Vanoffe Mulberries

These will become your new favourite chocolate. It’s a vegan, Fairtrade, sugarfree and organic raw chocolate treat – it’s a fairly big bag but I challenge you not to finish the entire bag in one go! It’s an entirely natural product and it’s made with mulberries from Turkey, cacao butter, lucuma powder and coconut palm sugar to sweeten it, cacao powder and vanilla. No E numbers, no preservatives and no GMOs. Plenty of tastiness though!

Super Foodies 2What’s lucuma powder?
Lucuma is an fruit from Peru that looks like an orange avocado and the powder from it is a natural sweetener. It’s rich in the following nutrients:
Antioxidants – these help keep cells in one piece and help the body fight free radicals.
Iron – Helps red blood production and prevents anaemia.
Zinc – Helps regulate cell growth, and digestion.
Calcium – Essential for healthy bones and teeth.
B vitamins – Helps reduce fatigue and regulates hormones
Potassium – Helps prevent cramp and eases fatigue
Available in the shop – £4.99 for 100g

RCC Cocoa butterWhat’s cacao?
This is raw chocolate, without all the sweeteners added! Use it to make raw chocolate bars and in cakes and drinks for a more natural chocolate flavour. Cacao butter is the edible fat extracted form the raw cacao bean.RCC Cacao Nibs
Rich in:
Amino acids – These help your body process protein.
Magnesium – Relaxes blood vessels and helps muscle recover after use. Can help with depression and headaches.
Available in the shop – Cacao butter, £7.99 for 240g, cacao nibs, £4.49 for 150g and cacao powder, £7.49 for 250g

Coconut sugarWhat’s coconut palm sugar?
Coconut palm sugar is a sugar produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm. Coconut sugar has been used as a traditional sweetener for thousands of years in the South and South-East Asian regions where the coconut palm is in abundant supply. The world’s largest producers of coconuts are the Philippines and Indonesia.
Available in the shop – £4.99 for 500g

Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 20th December

So, there’s 5 days to go, they will not go slow and they’ll be no snow, just a lovely warm glow…

Christmas dinner approaches and it’s time to get prepared for it. Peeling vegetables, deciding who’s doing what, and the thought of that fat bald bird with someone’s arm up its bottom. Traditionally hundreds of thousands of birds are fair game at this time of year. We forget the turkey, but not the stuffing! Everyone enjoys treats and we have lots with no meats.

sage-onion-wholeOur very special stuffing is made by the Shropshire Spice Company, who specialise in producing high quality products for amateur and professional chefs alike. They are perhaps best known for their Gourmet Range of stuffings and their very best is available at Hornett Wholefoods.

Their Wild Sage and Roast Onion wholemeal stuffing mix is a real treat. Free from all artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives it’s also low in fat and saturates too. It’s good for you and your taste buds.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans; but not for those who have an allergy reaction to wheat, yeast or nuts. A 150g pack serves up to 6 and costs 20p less than the manufacturers’ price at Hornett Wholefoods at £1.15; less than 20p a smile!