Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 3rd December

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Stars

 Choc raspberry stars

I love chocolate. I love raspberry. I love stars. So you can see why I chose these for the shop! A lovely Fairtrade product, made from cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic. A lovely rich chocolate with the raspberry coming through subtly as it melts in your mouth. There are, in fact, only two ingredients in this product – chocolate and freeze dried raspberry! Sometimes the simplest things are the best; there’s no need to muck about when it tastes this good!

These are really delicious and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. For £3.99, you get 100g. The packaging is completely recyclable too, so the evidence can be completely disposed of before you have to share them…

Visit their website to see what other delights they have at Cocoa Loco, then see if I can order anything else for you!


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