Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 4th December

WP_20151204_10_56_41_Pro[1]Christmas incense

 We have a wide selection of incense in stock all year round but we have a couple of gorgeous sets and scents ready for the festive season. Most of our selection is from the marvellous Shared Earth co-operative – all of these are hand made in Pondicherry, India and are fairly traded, with the communities they work with heavily involved in the whole process.

WP_20151204_10_54_24_Pro[1]The Shared Earth sticks are hand rolled and wrapped in hand printed recycled paper envelopes and boxes. The inks on the packaging are water based, making this some of the most environmentally friendly incense you can buy! Scents we have in stock are Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh, Musk and Christmas Spice sticks (£1.50 for 10) and Patchouli and Fresh Linen cones (£2.35 for 14 cones and a small holder). The other packs of sticks are £1 for 10 sticks, with various scents, too many to list! We do of course have Nag Champa in sticks and cones; normally used in Buddhist ceremonies, these have a very distinctive smell which, along with patchouli, is the traditional ‘joss stick’ smell.

WP_20151204_11_02_44_Pro[1]We also have a choice of holders, including our quite magnificent soapstone incense pillars – burn up to 5 sticks at a time and be mesmerised by the smoke curling through the intricate carving. These are £19.99 each. We have traditional wooden ash catchers, along with a ceramic hamsa hand (intended to ward off evil spirits – they will have to “talk to the hand” to enter your home…) and a glazed turquoise leaf design, both for either sticks or cones.

Purple holder is £3; wooden holder is £1.75. Hamsa hand is £4.99 and the Leaf is £1.99.

WP_20151204_10_57_53_Pro[1]We have a lovely selection of sets for Christmas and for all year round. The best one to go for for choice is the Shared Earth Christmas Gift Set for £9.99. For this, you have 5 scents – Christmas Spice, Warm Gingerbread, Winter Clove, Cinnamon & Orange and Spiced Cranberry in 10 mini sticks and 3 cones; there is also a lovely ceramic holder. What a bargain! We also have smaller sets in Lavender, Rose and Jasmine with mini sticks, a holder and a teeny-weeny candle! These are £2.40 each. Finally, we have a medium sized set in Vanilla or Lemongrass; there are 10 mini sticks, 5 cones and a holder in this set, all for £2.50.

WP_20151204_10_52_52_Pro[1]All in all, a gorgeous choice for you this year – come and see what they look like in real life!


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