Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 7th December

GRAN-BER_5Suma Gluten Free Berry Burst granola

 Suma is an entirely vegetarian wholesaler and the main supplier to the shop. They have been open for more than 30 years and operate as a co-operative, meaning that all members of staff own the business and everyone earns the same amount. It makes for a really ethical company and their own brand products are of a consistently high quality and you can trust that the food you buy is what it says on the packet! They have recently come up with a whole new range of cereals and Hornett Berry Burst granolaWholefoods has added their Berry Burst granola. If I’m being completely honest, one of the main reasons I chose this one out of the whole range is because the packaging is purple! Anyway, it’s a substantial cereal, stuffed with fruit and nuts with gluten free oaty granola chunks, with coconut chips, cashews, brazils, almonds. The berries in the Berry Burst are cranberries (very seasonal!), strawberries and goji berries – it’s making me hungry as I type this! There’s a hint of honey and apple juice to sweeten it up slightly with a light dusting of vanilla and cinnamon to round out the flavour.

Berry granola - generic picIt’s Vegetarian Society approved (as are all of Suma’s own brand goods – another guarantee of quality and ethics). It’s an excellent source of fibre and can be used simply to start the day with milk or plant milk, or you can use it to top cooked fruit as a crumble topping. Plus the packaging really is very handsome – and made from recycled material! It’s £2.49 for a 350g box.


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