Advent at Hornett Wholefoods – 9th December

Gvita soya-milkGranovita Soya Milk

Granovita is a Wellingborough-based meat free company selling pates, meat alternatives, sauces, seeds and other goodies but my favourite product of theirs is their soya milk. A delicious and very convincing animal milk alternative, this is one of the products that convinced me this summer that I could be vegan without ‘going without’! I’d previously not been a fan of soya milk, especially in tea as I found it to have too strong a taste and just tasted like long life milk. My husband made me a cup of tea without telling me he’d made it with soya milk and I couldn’t tell – this became one of the last times I drank animal milk!

hot chocolateThis milk is vegan, naturally lactose free and has no added sugar; it’s just water and soya beans with nothing added so is perfect for anyone watching the calories. It can be used wherever you’d normally use animal milk, including in hot drinks like Hot Chocolate. This would taste great with whipped soya cream and vegan marshmallows – just add a log fire and homemade cookies and you have yourself a perfect treat!

Granovita will be at Hornett Wholefoods for lunch this Friday 11th December – come and try some of their milk, along with pates and juices! We stock a wide range of their products in the shop:

Hemp Oil
Gluten Free Brown Sauce
Worcester Sauce Gvita peppercorn-pate
Salad Cream
Mayola (Mayonnaise alternative)
Chickpea Pate
Tomato and Tofu Pate
Peppercorn Pate (my favourite)
Spicy Mexican Pate
Tangy Tomato Pate
Mock Duck
Hot Dog SausagesNut-Luncheon
Spicy Bean Stew
Nut Luncheon
Beetroot Juice
Carrot Juice
Milled Flax Seed
Milled Chia Seeds



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