New lines for 2016!

And today’s new things are…

Fry’s Traditional Sausages – £3.39 for 8

Fry's Sausages

We have a few lines from Fry’s in the shop now and to add to mince, chicken style strips (now back in stock), polony and Country Roast, we have Traditional Sausages. These are vegan, non-GMO, high in protein and fibre and are onion and garlic free. They are also very tasty! Excellent in a roll, toad in the hole or in a stew, you’d do well to add these to your weekly shop.

1.5 ltr water stillBrecon Carreg 1.5ltr bottle – Still (75p) and Sparkling (77p)1.5 ltr water sparkling

We’ve stocked the 750ml bottle (52p) for a while and we’re now adding larger bottles. At such a fantastic price (similar brands in the high street are at least £1 for the 750ml bottle!), it will keep your body and your purse refreshed!

Dried wild mushroomsForesta Mushrooms Dried Mushrooms – £2.84 for 25gDried shiitake mushroom

We have Shiitake and Forest Mushrooms to choose from. Easy to use when rehydrated, these would be a welcome addition to your kitchen cupboard. Let me know how you get on with these – they will remain untested by me as I think mushrooms are one of the worst things on Earth.

We regularly change stock – the sausages are another customer request that will be a regular stock item. If there’s ever anything you fancy that we don’t already stock, please ask and I’ll see what I can do!



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