Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016Fairtrade Fortnight is upon us – two weeks of celebrating and highlighting this movement. Rooibos DRA-ROO_10Hornett Wholefoods has a variety of foods to enjoy that carry the mark and we’re discounting and giving away all sorts this week! At the moment, Dragonfly Rooibos tea is half price, Plamil chocolate bar sweetened with coconut blossom sugar is buy one, get anothecoconut-blossom-slider free and we have a number of lovely teas, coffees and hot chocolates for you to try for free! This weekend (Saturday 5th March), we’ll be having a chocolate taster session and you’ll be able to try the Plamil chocolate, a Lemon Ginger dark chocolate and one other, still to be confirmed. Spread the word!

Fairtrade logoFairtrade is an organisation that helps to give farmers a fair deal for the crops they produce. Anything that’s grown in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Far East could be covered by Fairtrade; products like tea, coffee and chocolate can be produced with Fairtrade’s help and you may have also seen it on fruit and flowers in other shops. Even gold can have a Fairtrade mark! We have a good selection of items in the shop that carry the Fairtrade mark – all of The Raw RCC VanoffeChocolate Company has the Fairtrade mark, some Plamil, Dragonfly Teas and many others want to make sure that the farmers that produce their goods are treated fairly, are properly paid and support the communities they work in. Visit the Fairtrade website for full details of where the goods are produced, what it means to farmers and why it’s important to have Fairtrade in the first place.



Fab Feb – 29th February

Freedom mallows

marshmallows FREE-VVAN_6

mothers dayWow, 29th February – you don’t see that very often! We have an extra day in the month, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and it’s the start of Fairtrade Fortnight today so we have a lot of occasions to choose from! We have Fairtrade Chocolate on offer from Saturday (Equal Exchange dark chocolate with Lemon Ginger and Black Pepper, 100g bar for £2.49/£2.24) so we’ll have something for Mum to enjoy on Sunday – Freedom vegan vanilla marshmallows. These are a 75g bag that normally sells for £2.49, so with 10% off, they come to just £2.24. These work really well straight from the bag into your mouth; they’re also good on top of hot chocolate and as a cake topper/filler. If you’re making Rocky Road, vegan-style, chop these up and add them to the mix. (On a side note to this, the Lazy Day vegan and gluten-free Rocky Road we sell in the shop has Freedom mini marshmallows running through them!) Apparently they’re also ideal for toasting on a fire for local vegan scouts!

Freedom marshmallows are:Rocky road

  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • Gelatine free
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Gluten free
  • Egg and dairy free
  • Soy free
  • Nut and Tree Nut Free
  • Full of deliciousness!

Fab Feb banner

Fab Feb – 27th February

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Lemon Ginger and Black Pepper – £2.49 for 100g bar; £2.24 with Fab Feb’s 10% off

Lemon Ginger chocolate

This is a new item in the shop, brought in for Fairtrade Fortnight which starts on Monday. This is a vegan bar of chocolate, it’s Fairtrade registered, organic and delicious – what more could you want from chocolate?! It’s an interesting multi-layered taste – as the chocolate is in your mouth, you can really taste the lemon and ginger with the black pepper as an aftertaste. It has won a Great Taste 2015 award so I’m not the only one who thinks so! Come and try it in the shop from today – next weekend, it’ll be available to try before you buy, so keep an eye out for that!

Fairtrade logoWhat’s Fairtrade?

Fairtrade means just that – farmers get a fair deal for their produce and get to keep a greater percentage of the money made from selling their produce to companies. It means they can have a better quality of life as they’re not held to unfair contracts and they can also have the freedom to support their communities so they can live where they farm, rather than being forced to move wherever the work is. For certain products, such as coffee and cocoa Fairtrade only certifies small-scale farmer organisations. Working through democratic organisations of small-scale farmers, Fairtrade offers rural families the stability of income which enables them to plan for the future. For some products such as tea, Fairtrade also certifies plantations – companies that employ large numbers of workers on estates. Please visit the Fairtrade website for full information and see how important something like this is. It’ll make you think about the conditions for those things produced without the Fairtrade mark…

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Fab Feb – 26th February

Superfoodies range

Superfoodie-testThis is a lovely range of so-called superfoods – powders you can add to your food to make it even better! There is 10% off this range in its distinctive orange packaging for Friday 26th February and Saturday 27th February.

  •  Lucuma Powder – 100g bag for £4.99/£4.49

Maca Powder 420401bThis is a natural sweetener from the lucuma fruit, which looks like an orange avocado – there’s a great picture on the front of the bag! It’s rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, calcium, B vitamins and potassium. Mix it into your post-gym smoothie to help avoid cramps and ease fatigue. It can also be found in Raw Chocolate Company’s Vanoffe bars!

  •  Cacao nibs – 100g bag for £3.79/£3.41

This is chocolate in its raw form and can be used to make your own chocolate or added to cakes in place of chocolate chips or smoothies for a cacao hit! It has amino acids, magnesium, potassium and iron in it, so another to add to post gym smoothies or to have in a protein snack when out on long walks.

  •  Pink Himalayan Salt- 250g bag for £2.69/£2.42

Him. salt 803401bThis has a lower sodium content than traditional table salt and can be used raw and in cooking. You can even use this in the bath to soothe aching muscles and prevent cramp by stimulating circulation. This is because it contains magnesium, calcium and potassium.

  • Carob Powder – 100g for £2.99/£2.69

carob powder 420297bCarob has less caffeine than chocolate so is suitable for those who are affected by that – we also have a carob bar in stock. It’s low fat, high fibre, suitable for diabetics and has calcium, Vitamin C, protein, magnesium and iron. Again, it’s great in smoothies and can be used when making home-made chocolate.

  •  Maca Powder – 100g for £6.99/£6.29

Lucuma 803388bIs there nothing maca can’t do?! It’s rich in Vitamins B, C and E, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and amino acids. It boosts energy levels, relieves menstrual symptoms (including mood) and just generally makes you feel good! Always use this cold/raw as cooking destroys everything in it that’s good. Add it to smoothies, raw cakes and on your cereal. Take about a spoonful a day to feel all these amazing benefits!

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Fab Feb – 25th February

Vego chocolate bar

 vegobar website

I recently had an enquiry to send a case of these to the USA – at nearly £100 for postage, we had to agree it was too expensive so count yourself lucky you can get these in the UK! I added them to the stock last year after a customer raved about them. I didn’t think they sell too well at £3.25 but they’re one of my top sellers! Apparently, you’d normally pay £5 each for them in London… It’s a huge bar for £3.25 (£2.92 after 10% off) – it has 5 big chunks of chocolate in the bar, each roughly an inch square and full of whole hazelnuts. It happily fed 4 of us at home as a pudding, with the kids sharing the last bit while Mr H looked on hungrily!

vego trio centred

Some inspiring quotes from the Vego website –

“We only use exclusive high-quality ingredients such as fine Italian hazelnut paste, hazelnut cocoa cream and whole hazelnuts that we blend together in a unique process to create your Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar.

The Vego bar is probably the tastiest chocolate bar in the world, vegan, organic, fairtrade and gluten-free. What more could you ask for?”

vego in handIt’s a German made bar so their website is also in German and they have the following in the original language:

“Der VegoBar ist ein ‘Monsterriegel’”.

I’m going to imagine that means it’s a Monster Bar from the point of view of the size? Anyway, we’re big fans of it and I think you will be too when you buy one! 10% off for Thursday 25th and Friday 25th February.

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Fab Feb – 24th February

Suma/Iris Pasta

We stock four of the range from Suma/Iris and for 24th and 25th February, they’re all 10% off. We have:

  • Wholewheat (£1.15/£1.03) and white (£1.05/95p) spaghetti;
  • Wholewheat penne (£1.09/98p);
  • Tricolore spirals (£1.45/£1.30).

Wwheat spaghetti SUM-OWS_35The whole range is organic and environmentally responsible. It’s made for Suma by Iris Bio from Padena in Northern Italy. Both companies are cooperatives, wholly owned and run by everyone who works there. The pasta is made the traditional way with a bronze die and dried slowly to ensure optimum quality. The wheat is grown by Iris Bio on their own farm which cuts down on transport time and cost, which helps the environment.

SUMA-CKBK5 PastaHornett Wholefoods has a recipe booklet produced by Suma with 12 delicious vegetarian pasta recipes. These are free (although you may want to make a small donation to Animals in Need in lieu of payment?) While you’re at the shop, why not take a look at the lovely vegan and vegetarian pestos – an easy and delicious accompaniment to pasta?

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Fab Feb – 23rd February

Natural sweeteners


We have four natural sweeteners in the shop these days and they’re all a great alternative to the white, bleached sugar you see in most shops. There’s nothing added or taken away from these beauties and they’re fine to use in hot drinks, baking – anywhere you’d normally use sugar! With 10% off each one, it’s an ideal time to try something new in your baking and hot drinks! These are on offer on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February.

  • Coconut sugar – £4.99 for 500g; £4.49 in Fab Feb

Coconut sugarThis smells awesome, even through the paper bag it’s wrapped in! Extracted from the flower buds of coconut palm trees, coconut sugar is an unrefined brown sugar with a delicately sweet caramel flavour. Due to minimal processing it retains many of its vitamins and minerals including potassium, zinc, iron and B vitamins. It’s also especially good when used to sweeten raw chocolate recipes.

  • Xylitol – £2.95 for 250g; £2.65 on offer

XylitolThis really suffers from such a bad name – I thought for ages that it was an horrendous chemical sweetener, like aspartame. It’s completely natural however – it’s harvested from birch trees in Finland and is well known for having a really positive effect on dental health. In Finland, children are given a xylitol chew after their meals and it helps to keep teeth clean and healthy. Xylitol is suitable for a diabetic diet and it has fewer calories so is ideal for those on eating plans (it’s ½ a Syn per teaspoon on Slimming World, for example, as opposed to sugar which is 1 Syn). Use it as you would sugar.

  •  Stevia – £3.29 for 250g; £2.96 with 10% off

SteviaStevia is extracted from organic stevia plant leaves and then blended with natural vegetable fibre and fruit sugar. The granules are twice as sweet as sugar, so halve the amount you’d use if you were to take sugar. This is also suitable to use wherever you’d use sugar.

  •  Demerara – £1.39 for 500g; £1.25 for two days

DemeraraSugar, yes, but unrefined and unbleached, so more of the natural nutrients and flavour are retained with no chemicals used in the processing. It’s Fairtrade so the money made where it’s grown, processed and packed in Mauritius, stays in that community.

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