Fab Feb – 12th February

Raw Chocolate Company bars and snack packs

RCC Vanoffe

Because it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday and I love this stuff, I’m adding Raw Chocolate Company bars and snack packs to Fab Feb for two days. This was a customer recommendation and, I have to say, it’s probably the best one in the year or so that we’ve been open. We have Vanoffe and Vanoffe Dark bars (£1.99/£1.79 with 10% off) with Raw Cacao heart pic RCCChocolate Goji Berries, and Mulberries snack packs (£1.49/£1.34 with 10% off) for you to treat your loved ones – totally gorgeous! These bars are vegan, gluten free, raw, Fairtrade, organic and sugar free, using coconut palm sugar and lucuma powder as sweeteners. The Vanoffe bar has a beautifully smooth taste and texture and will be your favourite bar when you’ve tried it, I promise!

What makes this chocolate so very special? Read this for the information from Raw Chocolate Company website about their techniques and what exactly goes into the chocolate. There’s no refined sugar and it’s not made in enormous batches so quality is kept in each bar and bag of goodies. They are small but perfectly formed and you could almost argue that they’re good for, as they’re packed with goodness like magnesium forRCC fruit display muscle strength and recovery, potassium for healthy blood vessels and iron! Cacao (raw chocolate) is also used in rituals for good energy, but I recommend a quick ritual of thanks to the Raw Chocolate Company for these beauties, then savouring each square of bar…

Enjoy!Fab Feb banner

We also stock Cacao Butter, Raw Cacao Nibs and Vanoffe Mulberries from Raw Chocolate Company, but these aren’t included in the 10% off offer – sorry!  Please tell me if, after looking at their website, there’s anything you want to order.


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