More new lines for February!

Hello and welcome to another update from the shop (shuffles delivery notes like a newsreader) – what do I have for you this time? Some interesting additions, some seasonal and a few additions thanks to customer suggestions and requests. Here goes…

  1. Easter eggs!

MOO-EGG_31To start the Easter tradition of taking a few days off work and eating chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea, I’ve added a vegan Chocolate hollow egg from Moo Free for £4.25 and a pouch of vegan chocolate solid half eggsHalf eggs - Easter from Plamil for £4.95. Of course, you can expect the same high quality product from these well-known dairy-free brands as you would all year round. They are both gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free; the half eggs are also Fairtrade and the hollow eggs are soya free too.

  1. Organic Thyme – £1.35 for 25g

Thyme organicA dried herb added to our increasing range of every day herbs and spices. Add thyme to stews, omelettes and marinades for a tasty addition and smell.

3.Peanut Butter Powder – £6.99 for 180g

Peanut PowderI’ve had a couple of people ask about this in the last few weeks, and as I’m always happy to accommodate (sensible!) requests, I’ve decided to get a few jars in. This can be rehydrated to make peanut butter or added to cakes etc for a peanutty twang. It’s 70% less fat than traditional peanut butter, with all of the fibre and protein you’d expect from it.

 4. Xylitol – £2.95 for 250g

XylitolA natural sweetener that’s actually good for you. Xylitol suffers somewhat from a really rubbish name – it just sounds like a manufactured chemical, but it’s completely natural. It’s made from 100% Birch tree extract from Finland and is an ideal alternative if you want to reduce your sugar intake. Enjoy it in the same way as you would sugar – in moderation as excessive consumption can have a laxative effect. It has 40% fewer calories than sugar, lower GI, it’s safe for diabetics and is good for your teeth too!

 5. Organic Coconut flour – £2.52 for 500gCoconut flour

Another customer suggestion at an excellent price. Coconut flour is a good gluten-free alternative for cooking – there are lots of recipes online to make the most of this lovely substance.

 Pulsin' maple bar6. Pulsin’ bars – £1.59 for a 50g bar

A customer has requested these – she takes these with her when she travels as they’re vegan and packed with protein. We have Maple & Pulsin' vanilla barPeanut, and Vanilla Choc Chip. These also have a low GI so they’ll keep you feeling fuller for longer, and they’ll fit in your pocket for after your workout.


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