Fab Feb – 18th February

Provamel range


Pmel Soya Natural PRO-R1L_60We have a good range of Provamel at Hornett Wholefoods and for 18th and 19th February, they are all 10% off.   We stock a variety of milk alternatives and cream for those on vegan diets or those just who just want to reduce their dairy intake. Provamel is a well known milk alternative in the UK; more and more people are deciding to reduce their milk intake or abstain altogether as the ethics surrounding milk production and selling become ever murkier.

“Provamel products are 100% ORGANIC and

  • have not been treated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
  • are free from artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.
  • respect the environment (e.g. no soya beans are grown in the rainforest).
  • stimulate BIODIVERSITY.
  • are ethically-sourced.
  • are non-GMO because they are organic.
  • are delicious and surprisingly innovative.
  • are lactose-free.
  • are VEGAN”

Pmel choc milk x3 PRO-CH250_61

Switching to milk alternatives has never been easier – there are so many different types these days! There is a slight difference in taste between milk and the alternatives but it’s easy to get used to it, especially in tea. We have small cartons of soya milk that we stock in plain, chocolate and banana flavours (3x 250ml boxes for £1.69 or £1.52 -10%) that would Pmel soya x3 PROV-BL250_28be ideal for lunchboxes, or for taking with you when travelling as there’s no need for chilling until they’re opened. We have 1litre boxes of unsweetened at what is already a great price of £1.19 (-10% = £1.07). The cream is a single cream alternative, which can be used in exactly the same way as dairy cream – you can even whip it! It’s 99p for a 250ml pack; taking 10% off reduces this to just 89p!

Come and see what we have and make the difference.

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