Fab Feb – 22nd February

Mrs Crimble’s Gluten and Wheat Free treats

Mrs Crimbles

Well, it’s the start of the last full week of the month already! We have a lovely treat for you Choc Macaroonsfor Monday and Tuesday – Mrs Crimble’s lovely gluten and wheat free treats. We have:

  • Chocolate Coated Rice Cakes (£1.69; £1.52 with 10% off);
  • Chocolate Macaroons (£1.49; £1.34 with 10% off) and
  • Coconut Macaroons (also £1.49/£1.34).

coconut macaroons These are all vegetarian and suitable for those who can’t eat gluten at all. I am reliably informed that they are all delicious and “you wouldn’t know they’re gluten free”! There are 6 in each pack, so easy to share, if you think you could.

 Mrs Crimble’s is an entirely gluten-free brand and has been around since 1979 – they were originally only available in Fanny CraddockLondon and were endorsed by Fanny Craddock! The first lines they made were the original and chocolate macaroons, which you can still enjoy today – they’re in Hornett Wholefoods’ sale! Their factory is guaranteed gluten free so you can be sure that whatever you buy from Mrs Crimble’s will be safe for you to eat and enjoy.

Fab Feb banner


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