Fab Feb – 23rd February

Natural sweeteners


We have four natural sweeteners in the shop these days and they’re all a great alternative to the white, bleached sugar you see in most shops. There’s nothing added or taken away from these beauties and they’re fine to use in hot drinks, baking – anywhere you’d normally use sugar! With 10% off each one, it’s an ideal time to try something new in your baking and hot drinks! These are on offer on Tuesday 23rd and Wednesday 24th February.

  • Coconut sugar – £4.99 for 500g; £4.49 in Fab Feb

Coconut sugarThis smells awesome, even through the paper bag it’s wrapped in! Extracted from the flower buds of coconut palm trees, coconut sugar is an unrefined brown sugar with a delicately sweet caramel flavour. Due to minimal processing it retains many of its vitamins and minerals including potassium, zinc, iron and B vitamins. It’s also especially good when used to sweeten raw chocolate recipes.

  • Xylitol – £2.95 for 250g; £2.65 on offer

XylitolThis really suffers from such a bad name – I thought for ages that it was an horrendous chemical sweetener, like aspartame. It’s completely natural however – it’s harvested from birch trees in Finland and is well known for having a really positive effect on dental health. In Finland, children are given a xylitol chew after their meals and it helps to keep teeth clean and healthy. Xylitol is suitable for a diabetic diet and it has fewer calories so is ideal for those on eating plans (it’s ½ a Syn per teaspoon on Slimming World, for example, as opposed to sugar which is 1 Syn). Use it as you would sugar.

  •  Stevia – £3.29 for 250g; £2.96 with 10% off

SteviaStevia is extracted from organic stevia plant leaves and then blended with natural vegetable fibre and fruit sugar. The granules are twice as sweet as sugar, so halve the amount you’d use if you were to take sugar. This is also suitable to use wherever you’d use sugar.

  •  Demerara – £1.39 for 500g; £1.25 for two days

DemeraraSugar, yes, but unrefined and unbleached, so more of the natural nutrients and flavour are retained with no chemicals used in the processing. It’s Fairtrade so the money made where it’s grown, processed and packed in Mauritius, stays in that community.

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