Fab Feb – 26th February

Superfoodies range

Superfoodie-testThis is a lovely range of so-called superfoods – powders you can add to your food to make it even better! There is 10% off this range in its distinctive orange packaging for Friday 26th February and Saturday 27th February.

  •  Lucuma Powder – 100g bag for £4.99/£4.49

Maca Powder 420401bThis is a natural sweetener from the lucuma fruit, which looks like an orange avocado – there’s a great picture on the front of the bag! It’s rich in antioxidants, iron, zinc, calcium, B vitamins and potassium. Mix it into your post-gym smoothie to help avoid cramps and ease fatigue. It can also be found in Raw Chocolate Company’s Vanoffe bars!

  •  Cacao nibs – 100g bag for £3.79/£3.41

This is chocolate in its raw form and can be used to make your own chocolate or added to cakes in place of chocolate chips or smoothies for a cacao hit! It has amino acids, magnesium, potassium and iron in it, so another to add to post gym smoothies or to have in a protein snack when out on long walks.

  •  Pink Himalayan Salt- 250g bag for £2.69/£2.42

Him. salt 803401bThis has a lower sodium content than traditional table salt and can be used raw and in cooking. You can even use this in the bath to soothe aching muscles and prevent cramp by stimulating circulation. This is because it contains magnesium, calcium and potassium.

  • Carob Powder – 100g for £2.99/£2.69

carob powder 420297bCarob has less caffeine than chocolate so is suitable for those who are affected by that – we also have a carob bar in stock. It’s low fat, high fibre, suitable for diabetics and has calcium, Vitamin C, protein, magnesium and iron. Again, it’s great in smoothies and can be used when making home-made chocolate.

  •  Maca Powder – 100g for £6.99/£6.29

Lucuma 803388bIs there nothing maca can’t do?! It’s rich in Vitamins B, C and E, calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and amino acids. It boosts energy levels, relieves menstrual symptoms (including mood) and just generally makes you feel good! Always use this cold/raw as cooking destroys everything in it that’s good. Add it to smoothies, raw cakes and on your cereal. Take about a spoonful a day to feel all these amazing benefits!

Fab Feb banner


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