Fab Feb – 27th February

Equal Exchange Dark Chocolate with Lemon Ginger and Black Pepper – £2.49 for 100g bar; £2.24 with Fab Feb’s 10% off

Lemon Ginger chocolate

This is a new item in the shop, brought in for Fairtrade Fortnight which starts on Monday. This is a vegan bar of chocolate, it’s Fairtrade registered, organic and delicious – what more could you want from chocolate?! It’s an interesting multi-layered taste – as the chocolate is in your mouth, you can really taste the lemon and ginger with the black pepper as an aftertaste. It has won a Great Taste 2015 award so I’m not the only one who thinks so! Come and try it in the shop from today – next weekend, it’ll be available to try before you buy, so keep an eye out for that!

Fairtrade logoWhat’s Fairtrade?

Fairtrade means just that – farmers get a fair deal for their produce and get to keep a greater percentage of the money made from selling their produce to companies. It means they can have a better quality of life as they’re not held to unfair contracts and they can also have the freedom to support their communities so they can live where they farm, rather than being forced to move wherever the work is. For certain products, such as coffee and cocoa Fairtrade only certifies small-scale farmer organisations. Working through democratic organisations of small-scale farmers, Fairtrade offers rural families the stability of income which enables them to plan for the future. For some products such as tea, Fairtrade also certifies plantations – companies that employ large numbers of workers on estates. Please visit the Fairtrade website for full information and see how important something like this is. It’ll make you think about the conditions for those things produced without the Fairtrade mark…

Fab Feb banner


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