Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight 2016Fairtrade Fortnight is upon us – two weeks of celebrating and highlighting this movement. Rooibos DRA-ROO_10Hornett Wholefoods has a variety of foods to enjoy that carry the mark and we’re discounting and giving away all sorts this week! At the moment, Dragonfly Rooibos tea is half price, Plamil chocolate bar sweetened with coconut blossom sugar is buy one, get anothecoconut-blossom-slider free and we have a number of lovely teas, coffees and hot chocolates for you to try for free! This weekend (Saturday 5th March), we’ll be having a chocolate taster session and you’ll be able to try the Plamil chocolate, a Lemon Ginger dark chocolate and one other, still to be confirmed. Spread the word!

Fairtrade logoFairtrade is an organisation that helps to give farmers a fair deal for the crops they produce. Anything that’s grown in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Far East could be covered by Fairtrade; products like tea, coffee and chocolate can be produced with Fairtrade’s help and you may have also seen it on fruit and flowers in other shops. Even gold can have a Fairtrade mark! We have a good selection of items in the shop that carry the Fairtrade mark – all of The Raw RCC VanoffeChocolate Company has the Fairtrade mark, some Plamil, Dragonfly Teas and many others want to make sure that the farmers that produce their goods are treated fairly, are properly paid and support the communities they work in. Visit the Fairtrade website for full details of where the goods are produced, what it means to farmers and why it’s important to have Fairtrade in the first place.



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