Ecover refills


You can now refill your Ecover bottles at Hornett Wholefoods!  We have expanded the shop into the back room so we have lots of room for all sorts of lovely bits these days, including a way to not only save you money, but also the environment.  It’s been said recently that the oceans of the world will have more plastic than fish in them by 2050 – this is truly shocking.  There are lots of reasons for this; microbeads in some facial cleaning products and rubbish not being disposed of properly are two of the main culprits.  Reusing Ecover plastic bottles is an excellent way to contribute to keeping waste out of the bins and seas.  The bottles are really sturdy so you can re-use them pretty much any number of times!  It’s a simple process – put your empty bottle in the holder and open the tap until the bottle is full.  Then just bring it to the till to pay the following amounts:

Ecover Camomile ECO-L12_63Washing Up Liquid (both varieties) – £2.25 for a 1litre bottle (saving 40p a bottle)

Non-bio Laundry Liquid – £4.85 (saving a massive £2.10 a bottle!)ECOver laundry liquid

‘Amongst the Flowers’ Fabric Conditioner – £1.60 (saving 49p a bottle)

You can, of course buy full bottles of this excellent brand too, but remember to come and refill!  It’s easy  to recycle in Wellingborough, so if you don’t want to refill, don’t chuck it away; recycle or reuse it some other way.



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