Raw Hemp Protein Powder

Good Hemp Raw Hemp Protein Powder – 500g for £13.65

Good Hemp raw protein

David Haye veganA new item in the shop – you may or may not know that veganism is very popular in fitness and weight lifting these days. This is where Good Hemp Raw Hemp Protein Powder comes in.  It can be mixed with water or milk for a quick restorative drink after a workout or as an energy boost.  It can be added to blended fruit and plant milk for a healthy smoothie.  You can also sprinkle it over yogurt or cereal.  This is completely vegan, Kosher, and gluten and nut free, so it can be enjoyed by everyone!

Why is Protein important?

Pulsin' vanilla barProtein is important for the healthy growth and repair of all our body tissues: our muscles, internal organs and our skin. There is a huge misconception that meat is the best source of protein, but this isn’t true.  There’s also a thought that meat-free sources of protein are hard to come by – also not true.  Tofu, nuts, some seeds, tempeh, seitan and other grains are fantastic sources of protein, so it’s easy to get enough into your diet.  If, however, you exercise on a regular basis, you’ll need more as it’s used to power and restore muscles.

Hemp protein in particular is popular as it has less saturated fat than olive oil and is naturally rich in Omega 3. This is crucial for brain function, skin health, immune system and normal growth and function.

Hemp Seeds OrgThe protein in hemp seeds is also easily digested by our bodies due to its composition which makes it more readily available to the body than animal sources of protein. Some plant sources of protein like soya beans contain enzyme inhibitors which block protein digestion, this can cause adverse effects in some people. These enzymes are not present in hemp.  It offers a more complete and richer source of protein than any other seed, including chia.

As well as hemp protein powder, we’re trialling things like wheatgrass powder, moringa powder and baobab powder.  Why not come into the shop to see the range from Greens Organic?  We have introductory prices and two free gifts with each purchase from the range – a box of 20 Teatulia tea bags in either Black Tea or Earl of Bengal flavour, and a book of Superfood recipes.



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