Fab Feb – Rooibos teas

Fab Feb bannerEqual Exchange Rooibos teas

wp_20170227_10_32_20_pro1For two days from today, at the end of Fab Feb and to coincide with the start of Fairtrade Fortnight, we have three delicious flavours of Rooibos tea from Equal Exchange.  There is a plain Rooibos (40 bags £2.77/£2.49), Buchu Honeybush Rooibos (25 bags £2.77/£2.49) and Masala Rooibos (25 bags £2.59/£2.33) – the Masala Rooibos is my current favourite!  It’s a delicious, caffeine free brew that can be enjoyed at any time of day, with or without milk and sugar.

  • What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is all about a fair deal for the farmers in developing countries – paying them fair price for their goods and investing in their wellbeing and communities.  These teas are grown, picked and packed in Fairtrade logoSouth Africa – it’s harvested by hand, ensuring a finer quality of tea and actively conserving the biodiversity of the area.  If you care about where your food comes from , you need to buy Fairtrade, organic and local wherever you can.



Fab Feb – Plamil Chocolate Orange Spread

Fab Feb bannerPlamil Orange Chocolate Spread

Choc orange spreadThe Plamil Chocolate Spread range is really popular and is a vegan alternative to chocolate spread; it also has no hydrogenated oils so is healthier than most other mainstream brands.  A 275g jar is reduced by 10% to £2.92 from its usual price of £3.25 for two days during Fab Feb!  The Plamil website describes Chocolate Orange Spread as “Absolutely divine; hide the jar for yourself!”  Try it – you’ll love it!

  • What are hydrogenated oils and why are they bad for us?

Hydrogenated fat isn’t technically a saturated fat, so it looks OK on the label. But it is actually vegetable oil blasted with hydrogen so that it behaves like saturated fat.

The hydrogen makes the fat harder, which is why it sticks to your arteries. It’s also why it’s solid at room temperature (mono and polyunsaturated fats are usually oils). This solidity is desirable for food manufacturers as it adds substance and body to the product, whereas the healthier oils make things too squidgy and oily to the touch.

A brief look at how hydrogenated oil is made will show that it cannot be conducive to health:

1 Vegetable oil is mixed thoroughly with fine particles of nickel or copper.
2. It is then heated to a very high temperature (about 200 degrees celsius) and held at that heat for 6 hours.
3. Meanwhile, hydrogen gas is pumped through the mixture at high pressure, and then the excited hydrogen atoms penetrate the vegetable oil molecules and chemically change them into ‘transfats’ (‘trans fatty acids’). These are new, complex substances that are not found in nature, except at low levels in some animal fats.
4. The mixture is then cooled down to form tiny hard plastic-like beads. The hard beads are known as ‘hydrogenated oil’.
Information sourced from http://www.headheritage.co.uk


Fab Feb – Matcha Tea

Fab Feb bannerClearspring Matcha Tea

matchaWe have the vividly green Clearspring Matcha tea powder on offer for you for two days – Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February.  A 40g pouch normally costs £9.99, but this is reduced to £8.99 for the duration.

Why drink Matcha?
Matcha has formed part of ancient Japanese tea rituals for centuries as it’s believed to have many health benefits:

  • It’s an antioxidant;
  • It’s claimed to boost the metabolism, so help with weight loss;
  • Reduces stress
  • And many more…

Watch this videomatcha-ritual from Bosh! to see more information…

Clearspring Matcha Tea is grown and packed in Kyoto, Japan so is an authentic green tea.  There are ideas for three uses for the tea on the back of the pouch – in a hot tea, a chilled vanilla matcha latte and in desserts.  It’s a versatile ingredient to have in your kitchen cupboards!

Fab Feb – Provamel

Fab Feb bannerProvamel

soya-creamWe have a good range of Provamel at Hornett Wholefoods and for 23rd and 24th February, they are all 10% off.   We stock a variety of milk alternatives and cream for those on vegan diets or those just who just want to reduce their dairy intake.  Provamel is a well known milk alternative in the UK; more and more people are deciding to reduce their milk intake or abstain altogether as the ethics surrounding milk production and selling become ever murkier.

“Provamel products are 100% ORGANIC and

  • have not been treated with pesticides or artificial fertilizers.
  • are free from artificial flavourings, colours and preservatives.
    respect the environment (e.g. no soya beans are grown in the rainforest).
  • stimulate BIODIVERSITY.
  • are ethically-sourced.
  • are non-GMO because they are organic.
    are delicious and surprisingly innovative.
    are lactose-free.
  • are VEGAN”

vanilla-milk-1lSwitching to milk alternatives has never been easier – there are so many different types these days!  There is a slight difference in taste between milk and the alternatives but it’s easy to get used to it, especially in tea.  We have 1litre boxes of sweetened or unsweetened at £1.55 or £1.39 with 10% off; we also have chocolate or vanilla soya milk at £1.75/£1.57 each.  The cream is a single cream alternative, which can be used in exactly the same way as dairy cream – you can even whip it!  It’s 99p for a 250ml pack; taking 10% off reduces this to just 89p!

Come and see what we have and make the difference.

Fab Feb – Fentimans drinks

Fab Feb bannerFentimans Botanically Brewed soft drinks

fentimans-logoWhat a delicious brew these are!  We have three flavours, all at £1.35 for a 275ml bottle.  For 22nd and 23rd February, there’s 10% off all flavours so they now come to £1.21 each.  Choose from:


  • Dandelion and Burdock – “Infusions of dandelion leaves and burdock root create the unmistakable taste and aroma of this definitive classic.”
  • Cherry Tree Cola – “Introducing the world’s first botanically brewed cherry cola”
  • Sparkling Lime & Jasmine – “Initial refreshing bitterness on the tongue is quickly balanced by the botanical sweetness of Hyssop, Lime Flower and Juniper Berries.”

They’re all gluten-free and vegan and completely lovely.  “Botanical brewing is a simple process involving herbs and plant roots. Thomas Fentiman’s original recipe involved milling ginger roots before tumbling them into copper steam jacketed pans and leaving them to bubble and simmer releasing all their flavour. The finest herbs, natural flavourings, sugar, brewer’s yeast and fresh spring water were then added to the liquid which was transferred into wooden vats where it was left to ferment.”

They certainly are an interesting looking drink before you’ve even opened the bottle.  There’s an instruction on some of the flavours to “upend before pouring” – there’s sediment at the bottom where the natural ingredients have settled, like home brew wine and beer!  There’s an “ooh!” to be had with your first gulp…

Fab Feb – Raw Chocolate Company

Fab Feb bannerRaw Chocolate Company chocolate


Because I love this stuff, I’m adding Raw Chocolate Company bars and snack packs to Fab Feb for two days.  This was a customer recommendation and, I have to say, it’s probably the best one in the 2 years we’ve been open.  We have:rcc-fruit-display

  • Vanoffe and Salted Vanoffe Hazelnut bars (£2.09/£1.88 with 10% off)
  • Raw Chocolate Goji Berries, Ginger, and Vanoffe Mulberries snack packs (£1.49/£1.34), and
  • Vanoffe Mulberries pouches (£5.99/£5.39)

These bars are vegan, gluten free, raw, Fairtrade, organic and sugar free, using coconut palm sugar and lucuma powder as sweeteners.  The Vanoffe bar has a beautifully smooth taste and texture and will be your favourite bar when you’ve tried it, I promise!


What makes this chocolate so very special?  Read this for the information from Raw Chocolate Company website about their techniques and what exactly goes into the chocolate.  There’s no refined sugar and it’s not made in enormous batches so quality is kept in each bar and bag of goodies.  They are small but perfectly formed and you could almost argue that they’re good for, as they’re packed with goodness like magnesium for muscle strength and recovery, potassium for healthy blood vessels and iron!  Cacao (raw chocolate) is also used in rituals for good energy, but I recommend a quick ritual of thanks to the Raw Chocolate Company for these beauties, then savouring each flavour…


Fab Feb – Peppermint Tea

Fab Feb bannerEssential Trading Organic Peppermint Tea bags

peppermint teaESS-082_40This is a really refreshing tea – leave to infuse in hot water for at least 5 minutes and drink after a meal to aid digestion.  Add a chocolate tea bag for a liquid after dinner mint!

Did you know that this tea is biodynamic?

Biodynamic is a way of taking organic and Fairtrade farming one step further to create healthy soils, healthy plants and a healthy environment.

Essential’s range of herbal infusions are grown in Egypt on 2000 acres of reclaimed desert sand.  Drinking then means you are helping to create and sustain these healthy, resilient ecosystems, securing the livelihood of thousands of people.

The tea is blended and packed on the farm in Egypt and they work hand in hand with Sekem, an Egyptian initiative committed to sustainable local development.  Find out more at www.sekem.com.



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